JUSTICE LEAGUE and BATMAN Movies Scheduled for 2015

As much as I’d really like to make a crass joke about the ridiculous amount of bullshittery surrounding Warner Bros. and their Justice League movie, this latest bit of news comes from EXTREMELY reliable folks, so it actually warrants excitement.

Harry Knowles, the King of Geek News and editor in chief at AICN, claims to have received a corporate document detailing the big screen releases for a series of major studios in 2015. While that might seem a bit fishy, it’s actually a pretty common procedure for studios to detail their upcoming releases for licensing purposes (video games, toys, PEZ dispensers, and whatever other cheap sweat shop goods we fanboys buy) Now, among those listed are JUSTICE LEAGUE and BATMAN, the two most popular movies in fandom that don’t happen to involve Marvel’s superheroes or Star Wars.


This news would be the biggest SDCC announcement since Marvel first officially revealed their plans for a unified Avengers universe. Saturday is WB’s official panel, so I wonder if they’ll announce it then.  With so much attention turned towards Disney’s properties (including Star Wars Episode 7 which also releases in 2015), Justice League could be THE game changer that DC’s desperately needed.

Eat your heart out Disney.