batman v superman

(images via The Playlist)

Our brains here at the UTF office are still scattered all over the floor. We can’t even comprehend what we just watched.

The Warner Bros. presentation at Comic-Con wrapped up moments ago, where Zack Snyder and the cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took to the stage to screen a BRAND-NEW TRAILER!! Well, there was also Suicide Squad, but that one hasn’t been released (yet?). Needless to say, it’s fucking incredible. Screw the build-up – here it is.


Wonder Woman in action. The Trinity fighting. Kryptonite. Dead Robin. Superman in court. This trailer had everything and there is literally nothing wrong with it.

While many had been expecting a full Justice League line-up reveal, there was a lovely sizzle reel shown which explored the entire upcoming slate (but no Batman movie), revealing that the upcoming Green Lantern film is titled Green Lantern Corps! I guess that confirms the rumour of multiple Lanterns. Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne is confirmed. I was right!

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to watch the trailer a bazillion more times.

batman v superman wonder woman