Okay, well not THE Comedian, as in the character – I’m talking Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guy who played him in Watchmen.

Wow, that clickbait was low.

jeffrey dean morgan watchmen

Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show recently, Morgan was asked directly by Kimmel if he is in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Back before Ben Affleck was cast as Batman (in 2013!), people were fancasting Morgan as the Caped Crusader himself. Snyder obviously also directed the aforementioned comic book movie back in 2009 so it wasn’t completely out of the question, but with the movie less than a year away most had accepted that the actor likely wasn’t making an appearance.

Until now!

To be honest, I hadn’t even considered that the actor could appear until now, and I’ve never seen that particular set photo. It sure does look a hell of a lot like Morgan, and the fact that he refused to really answer the question is telling. I’m gonna come out and throw a theory into the wind as to who this mystery painted character is.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing…..

…….Thomas Wayne!

Yeah, yeah, it’s probably utter bullsh*t. Despite this, my first thought when seeing the painting was of Batman’s pops. It looks like a traditional portrait photo that a wealthy businessman such as Thomas would have commissioned. There’s also the fact that it does look like Morgan; if it’s just a random cameo then why even bother painting it in his likeness? This could have been intentional – a little nod to a friend – but wouldn’t Snyder have wanted to go for something more apparent?

You don’t believe me? Well, fair enough.

But hey! I’m gonna just go on believing that I’m right as is custom for geeks. Plus, it would actually be pretty cool. If you can’t get the guy for ol’ Batsy himself then you can get him for his dad.