Robert Downey Jr As Lex Luthor? Huh?

No need to be confused, you actually read this title right. For a moment in time, when J. J. Abrams was still attached to a potential Superman Reboot, producers had tapped our much beloved Robert Downey Jr as my favorite Baldy, Lex Luthor. So…What happened?

Well, the director at the time, McG, was too afraid to travel to Australia to shoot the project, which is a little bizarre considering all of the crazy shoots he had for Terminator: Salvation.

But let’s be honest, the fact that this project fell through is probably one of the most serendipitous endings in fanboy-dom. Seriously, wouldn’t you rather have a Christopher Nolan produced epic? I don’t know… like the one we’ll be seeing with Man of Steel?

For more, check out McG’s interview here.