A Closer Look At The Tim Burton Superman

Way back in the early 90′s, following the success of his Batman flicks, Tim Burton was hired to make a live-action feature of Superman. Kevin Smith had already penned a script and only a few minor details were left before the film could begin shooting. Well, as we’re well aware, the movie was never made, but it’s legend endures.

A slew of recent pics and concept art have found their way onto the internet. They feature everything from the Eradicator suit to the mock-ups for Braniac’s skull ship. Check them out below:

And did you know Nicolas Cage was originally tapped for the role of Clark Kent. Don’t believe me? Well here’s the proof…



So what’d you think about this Tim Burton Superman? A pretty far cry from the modern Big Blue, but I still would have liked to see this hit theatres.

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