Official IRON MAN 3 Deep Space Armor and Hulkbuster Armor Leaked

Someone’s getting fired…

A huge IRON MAN 3 leak has just hit the world wide interwebs, revealing two official pieces of armor concept art from the upcoming movie. The first one features the Deep Space Armor, which has been seen in toy-form for the past few weeks and is serving as the source for one main rumor for the flick (that Tony Stark will meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy).

The second suit is a bit more interesting, considering the budding laboratory-based bromance between Stark and his gamma powered bud Bruce Banner. In case you’re not familiar with the comics, that’s the Hulkbuster suit, Iron Man’s last resort in a fight with the gamma fueled roid monster. The pair are Marvel’s equivalent of Troy and Abed, so what could drive the two lovebirds to ever fight? Is this confirmation of the Planet Hulk adaptation that’s been rumored since last summer?

I’m not wiling to jump the gun yet, but if Marvel’s already created designs for a live-screen veersion of Hulkbuster, I think they’ll probably make use of it.

I’m always excited to see awesome new spoilers for the upcoming movies, but I have to admit, I’m a bit dissapointed that Marvel’s returning Hulk to the role of resident villain (assuming the Hulkbuster armor actually sees combat). He was such a great hero in The Avengers, with all the Chitauri squishing and face smashing and such.

Just look at that beautiful smile…


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  • Cindy M. Sinclair

    I keep seeing these 2 images on different sites, but I want to know, who actually claims that this bigger suit is the Hulkbuster? Because I have friends working on this movie and they claim it’s something completely different.

    • Anonymous Guy

      Did they happen to tell you what it is? 🙂

  • Bruce Wayne

    Looks like a Ninja Turtle is wearing the Hulkbuster armor.

  • Luca De Marini

    Now that we’ve seen the Hulkbuster in the real trailer, my idea is that it’s just needed to fight agains tons of droids, clones of Ironman but atumtoated robots. No Hulk in this show, sorry. But the Hulkbuster’s here for sure, there’s an official trailer showing it.