Is This New Suit More Evidence For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in IRON MAN 3?

A little while ago we brought you news of Iron Man’s brand new NASA themed body suit, suspiciously titled ‘Deep Space Armor’. We couldn’t help but ponder about this point, since the IM flicks have always been the more grounded movies of Marvel’s brand (no pun intended… alright, a little bit intended).

Why would ol’ Shellhead need interstellar capabilities? Is he headed off planet again?  I could’ve sworn I saw a trendy pair of sunglasses float off Stark’s head as he tossed the Nuke at the end of The Avengers… maybe he wants them back?

The rumor mongers at Latino-Review were quick to claim that Tony Stark’s new threads were connected to The Guardians of the Galaxy flick, and that some members of the misfit team would make a cameo at the end of IRON MAN 3. While that has yet to be substantiated (which tends to be the case with Review‘s rumors), the geek world has accepted it as law, and for lack of a better theory, it seems anything related to off-planet activities in IM 3 strengthens the Guardians connection.

Well, just take a gander at this new toy from Hasbro, which looks an awful lot like that ‘Deep Space Armor’ we were just talking about.

As we know, toys don’t always correlate to events in the film (or else Mandarin would have to face the mighty onslaught of Aquatic Iron Man’s water squirt gun), so this could all be nonsense. ALTHOUGH… if the rumors are true, this is just more evidence to support the GOTG claim.

What do you think?

Here’s a fan made manip that looks pretty fucking awesome.

By Joe Steiner


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  • Robert Cooper

    I think…that they need to tie it in eventually. At least in some small way. Whether he plays a part in Guardians or not, the fact that he flew in space for a few moments in Avengers would be enough to provoke Tony to want to make a suit that wouldn’t shut down in space.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Definietly. I think he would make the super space suit though