Mark Hamill IS Voicing Joker in THE KILLING JOKE!


Last week we reported on the speculation that Mark Hamill would be returning to voice his iconic role of the Joker in the 2016 animated flick The Killing Joke. Everybody was making such a big deal out of it when it only took a bit of common sense to realise that of course Hamill will be back; it’s the most famous Joker story and he is the guy who’s synonymous with the character for a lot of fans – plus he said he would do it a few years ago. Why the hell wouldn’t he? Fortunately, we now have confirmation.

Collider has announced that not only will Hamill be putting on the metaphorical makeup (i.e. speaking into a Mark Hamillmicrophone) once again, but he’s already done it! This really shouldn’t come as a surprise but it’s great news nonetheless. We can only hope that this means Kevin Conroy will also be back as Batman – the guy (unsurprisingly) revealed recently that he would love to come back.

“Oh, God! Are you kidding me? I’d do it in a heartbeat. I love working with him. I couldn’t believe when they killed off The Joker. I would love to do it, and I hope that that happens.”

By the looks of things we could get a full-on Batman: The Animated Series party going on in this movie. Hell, I’m down for that.

The Killing Joke featuring the voice of Mark Hamill will be out summer 2016!

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