Will Mark Hamill Voice Joker in THE KILLING JOKE?

Batman Killing Joke 2

When you think of famous Batman comics, The Killing Joke comes to mind. In fact, when you think of any famous comics that one crops up. The story is timeless, it makes some big status quo changes (Barbara Gordon’s pretty severe injury) and it gives a deeper understanding of the Joker as a character i.e. he’s insane and you can’t trust a thing he says. These are just a few of the reasons why the comic is so popular, and it was revealed at Comic-Con (okay, we’re REALLY late covering that) that an animated movie shall be released next year. Hooray!

Actor Mark Hamill is synonymous with the Joker. He’s voiced him in dozens of animated shows, games and the like since the 90’s. A few years ago he announced he was retiring from the role, but then he went back on it. Since this movie was announced a ton of sites have been making a big deal about Hamill ‘maybe coming out of retirement,’ but that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense considering he was voicing the character in Batman: Arkham Knight this year. Regardless, Luke Skywalker has definitely expressed interest in reprising the role again via Twitter…


A few years ago Hamill did talk about how he would love to appear in an adaptation of The Killing Joke and I think most fans expected it to happen sooner rather than later. Regarding Hamill – of course he’ll be in it. The most famous Joker story of all time and DC wouldn’t ask the actor who’s played him the most to voice him again? There’s every chance that he will. Hey, we might even get Kevin Conroy as Batman!

I don’t normally bother with the animated movies. Everybody says that they’re great and I remember loving a few as a kid, but I can just never really get around to them. I did try watching The Dark Knight Returns adaptation a few years back but didn’t like it (sorry). However, this is one of my favourite comics of all time so I may just have to make an exception.

The Killing Joke, probably featuring the voice of Mark Hamill as the Joker, will be out sometime in 2016.