Judi Dench. Mon Mothma. STAR WARS EPISODE 7. I’ll Allow It.

judi dench star wars episode 7

Mon Mothma will return with a rebel yell in STAR WARS EPISODE 7 and a recently deceased member of the 007 franchise might portray her. That’s right. Judi Dench, that lovely British dame, is in talks to bring Mon Mothma to the big screen in J. J. Abrams’s new trilogy.

Pack a pocket full of salt, because this is most definitely a rumor, but it seems a likely casting choice. A no brainer, if you will.

Considering Mon Mothma served a tiny role in the Original Trilogy (she was actual a gender trope bending badass as she master-minded the Siege of Endor), I hope she wont’ be expanded in Episode 7. I love her character in the Expanded Universe, and I cherish my 2 week hunt for her 1997 action figure, but I want my Star Wars to be as politics-free as possible.

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Mon Mothma is, after all, one of the chief leaders of the rebellion and the eventual President/Chief/Head of State of the New Republic, so her role is destined to be conflated with weird, murky political dealings. We saw enough of those in the Prequels, and I don’t really wanna see them again.

Hopefully Judi Dench is up for the role, though, whatever its size. She definitely possesses the right mixture of looks and authority to pull off a quality Mon Mothma. I hope the rest of the Star Wars Episode 7 casting fares as well.

Oh, and I guess I’m sorry for that Skyfall spoiler.

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