BREAKING BAD Star Denies STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Rumor, Abrams Disagrees

jesse plemons star wars episode 7

Well this is a weird conundrum. Usually Hollywood’s young stars remain mum on the matter of their auditions, especially for something as massive as STAR WARS EPISODE 7. Jesse Plemons, that greasy little wannabe thug from Breaking Bad (yes, I am unable to separate fiction from reality), has been a stand up guy with all of this gossip surrounding him and a potential role in the new trilogy. When asked about the rumors, he said:

“Yeah, I think it’s just one of those crazy rumors,”

luke skywalker star wars episode 7 banner

Well played. I still won’t forgive you for imprisoning Aaron Paul in the final episodes of Breaking Bad, but at least you didn’t spill the spoiler filled beans about Star Wars Episode 7.

Except director J. J. Abrams already kinda did that. When asked about Jesse Plemons, he actually admitted that the young actor would soon meet with him.

So who’s telling the truth!?!?!? Well, I think it’s fairly obvious that Abrams would have no reason to lie in this situation, so he’s spilled the beans a teeny tiny bit. Although, it’s not really a secret that everyone in Hollywood is auditioning for a spot in Episode 7. I suppose we never knew a goober like Plemons could snag a role, which indicates that a goofy/geeky sidekick character might be in the mix, or perhaps a serpentine heel like his Breaking Bad performance.

star wars episode 7 posterSOURCE: HITFIX