Marc Webb’s just started production on his ooey, gooey, web shooting sequel to last years Spider-Man reboot and he’s been casting fanbait via his Twitter account all along the way. We posted his first round of set photos here, but this newest is the most interesting.


It appears to be a glimpse at a cold storage facility, probably a morgue for dead bodies and other spooky stuff. A few smart apples at CBM postulate that this is actually part of a laboratory which houses the Venom suit, based on this snippet from Ultimate Spider-Man.

Nothing to see here, just a crazy fucking symbiote monster in the making

We formulated our own hypothesis here at UTF, and I know how much we all despise fan theories, but just hear us out.

Like the other guys, we’re pretty sure this is some type of freezer (whether it’s situated in a mortuary or lab, we’re not certain), but the ’14’ is the tricky part. Marc Webb wouldn’t carelessly choose a number to toss into a tweet. He’s trying to rile us up with mysterious tidbits of info.

We’ve racked our minds considering the significance of ’14’ in the Spider-Man mythos, and there’s only one thing that pops up: The Amazing Spider-Man #14, the first appearance of the Green Goblin.

Mind. Blown.

I can’t imagine Webb’s hinting at anything else. Considering Dane DeHaan’s casting as Harry Osborn, it wouldn’t be such a surprise to see Papa Osborn in the mix.  But then again, what the hell does a freezer have to do with it?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theatres onJuly 3rd 2014.

SOURCE: Twitter