IRON MAN-Themed Lightsaber Finally Coming to Light?!

This is possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Easter57 from the Custom Saber forum created this breath taking Iron Man-themed lightsaber with a gold and red color design inspired from the movie Iron Man.

This lightsaber was shown on YouTube when Iron Man 3 was released, but this lightsaber seems to be circulating back because of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to Epicstream, This lightsaber was modeled after Starkiller in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.


It doesn’t just look like a lightsaber but it actually works as it does seem to turn on but it seems to be powered by another familiar design. According to xfactor tech, Easter57 borrows it’s architectural aspect and designs from Iron Man’s suit. For example, this lightsaber has a mini arc reactor built inside that is more than just for show. It is actually the thing that powers the lightsaber and turns it on!

This looks like something that Tony Starks would build not because he needed it, but because he was bored and can build it for fun. Another thing that it seems to have is that it also plays music at the push of a button but that’s just the creators way of having fun with it.

Not quite sure if they will be making extras of these right now since it seems like this is the only one that has been built, well, one with the Ironman themed anyway. I really hope they do seeing as this would be one step closer to becoming a Jedi. Well, that and not to mention it would be really cool to have. I do know that this seems to be a hot commodity right now. According to Damngeeky,

“Eastern will probably post out his lightsaber on FX-Sabers or eBay once he has it for sale.”

Here’s to hoping they make more of these soon, but it looks like right now, whosoever wields this light saber, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor‘… uh, sorry wrong movie, but you know what I mean.