No, it won’t have a samey visual colour pallette and feel like the by-product of a movie machine – it’s gonna have a post-credits scene!

Well, maybe. That’s the “hot” rumour from Schmoes Know, however it won’t be something like Kylo Ren’s fist punching through a pile of rubble, or Luke, Han and Leia eating schwarma aboard the Millennium Falcon – in fact, it won’t be directly related to The Force Awakens at all. Instead, it’ll be a teaser or a short scene for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

star wars rogue one official cast photo

The movie will be taking us back to the 1970’s and 80’s by throwing us into the Rebels/Empire conflict, except this time there’ll be a distinct lack of Skywalker’s.

From a business perspective, this makes total sense. I really, really doubt these spin-offs will be unsuccessful in any way, but Disney will still want to ensure asses will be in seats in a year’s time to protect their behemoth $4bn investment. From a story and fan perspective? Ehh.

This hasn’t been done in any of the previous Star Wars movies, and unlike Marvel where their post-credits scenes always (well…) add something to the movie or an upcoming one, this would be purely business. It’s hijacking a modern trend which has proved interesting. Despite it being a trend, it’s still only a small percentage of audiences who stay until the end of the credits to check if there’s anything there – if Disney want to market Rogue One then why not just show the trailer before the movie? I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumour doesn’t exactly pan out.

Unless it’s an actual clip. That’s not the sort-of thing you show before a film, and they’ve already done it once this year with Ant-Man and Civil War, which was successful – as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps we’ll get a teaser trailer (which would mimic The Force Awakens‘ marketing pattern) and then a full-length clip at the end of the credits. Y’know, I’d stick around for that.

At the moment, however, it’s all just rumours and speculation. We’ll probably know for definite nearer the time, or on December 18th, when we’re sat down to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Or the 17th, if you’re French or British – like me! Ha, suck it, yanks!