CUT TO: Podcast – Fantastic Snore

CUT TO: Podcast is back, bringing you another scintillating episode! This week, Connor and I discuss the 20th Century Fox still-birth, Fantastic Four!

Fantastic Four Reborn

We get into what happened behind-the-scenes during production and who is really to blame for this mess. Adam Kaz, Dan Doherty and Devin Meenan – who have all been on the show before – are our guests this week which is obviously not the norm. We usually only have one guest or none, but we thought we’d try something a little different. With a panel of more than one guest there is bound to be a little discourse, and I never expected to have a guest try to hijack my show.  We also chat a little bit about Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and the Deadpool trailer!

Also, this episode is VERY NSFW – i.e. it’s only for super-duper-cool kids like us. *ahem*

You can check out UTF’s review of the movie here – which isn’t too favourable towards it either.

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