CASTING CALL: Will Smith As Superman

Welcome to another installment of Casting Call, where I present a new fancast for a certain character each week and hope you agree with me. This week I turn my attention to America’s favourite superhero, Superman. Now, I think I may get some hate for this, but bare with me. This wasn’t actually an idea that originated from me, but rather our Editor-In-Chief, Steve Lemlek.


Will Smith… the world’s most famous actor playing the world’s most famous superhero. Sounds good to me. Obviously there would be a lot of controversy and disputes over Supe’s ethnic heritage amongst fans if this was to ever happen, and probably won’t given the fact that Henry Cavill is the new Superman, but he won’t be forever. We already know that Will Smith has the chops to play Clark Kent, and could make him a really inspiring character.  In fact, he was offered the role in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, but ultimately turned it down.  Here’s what he had to say (via MTV):

“There is no way I’m playing Superman!’ Because I had already done Jim West [of ‘Wild Wild West’], and you can’t be messing up white people’s heroes in Hollywood! You mess up white people’s heroes in Hollywood, you’ll never work in this town again!”


Henry Cavill. If you don’t know why please leave this website.


Here’s a fan manip of Smith as Superman we found while surfing the net earlier. Check it out below:

Do I think Will Smith playing Superman is likely? No. Do I think it would be interesting and cool to see? Yes. Will Smith, despite what seedy secrets he’s hidden, is the quintessential “good guy”… and he also happens to be a badass.  That combination is perfect for Supes!

Stay tuned to UTF for more installments in Casting Call, and you can read my previous article about Ewan McGregor as Hank Pym HERE.

Do you think Will Smith is a good choice for Superman? Share your thoughts below.