BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Production Chugging Along As Scheduled


Last week, it was reported that the release date for the Man of Steel sequel, otherwise known as Batman vs. Superman, had been pushed back almost a year to May 6, 2016. There was a lot of speculation on why Warner Bros did this, from wondering whether they needed more time to retouch the script or assuming that Ben Affleck’s injury forced them to postpone production. Well, you know what they say about assumptions…sometimes you turn out to be wrong.

According to a report from Deadline, Ben Affleck had to pull out of directing the pilot of his new TV series The Middle Man because of scheduling conflicts in the spring with the upcoming DC team-up movie. The show has been put on hold even though casting and script-writing was already underway, and Deadline speculates that they will either hire a new director and resume production or wait for Affleck to finish filming Batman vs. Superman so he can still direct it. Either way, Affleck would remain the executive producer of the show, which he’s been working on since 2009.


My previous belief was that they had delayed Batman vs. Superman‘s release date to fix the script and narrow its focus down to more of a Superman story than a Justice League one. Now I’m thinking that with the over saturation of blockbusters already scheduled for 2015, like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: Episode VII, the Fantastic Four reboot, Ant-Man and Terminator: Genesis to name a few, Warner Bros. decided to hold off for a little bit and reschedule the movie in a less crowded time. With May 6 as the new date, they’re guaranteed a massive box office haul to kick off the blockbuster season, not to mention knocking their Marvel competition out of the way.


It’s also possible they moved the release date to focus more time on post-production and re-shoots. Man of Steel may have been the first movie in the DC Cinematic Universe, but Batman vs. Superman will be the rest of the universe hinges on. It wouldn’t hurt them to have some extra time to fix things and make it look as polished as possible.

Either way, we probably won’t have to wait as long to see images from the film, and I’m looking forward to those first looks. Especially the Batsuit!

SOURCE: Deadline