Bat-Fleck and Amazon Origins Lead New BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Rumors


The as-of-yet untitled Batman vs. Superman film has become a source of numerous rumors, whether they’re about the who the villain is or on which Justice League members will appear. Sometimes even both! Wait, no, that was just wishful thinking on my part wanting Lex Luthor to get ahold of a Green Lantern ring.

However, our good friend Jett over at Batman-On-Film has always been reliable when it comes to getting information on Batman when he makes cinematic appearances, and as a gift to start the New Year off right, he’s answered some questions regarding the the film itself, Batman’s role in it, villains, allies, etc. You can check out the full Q&A below which includes answers on other subjects as well, but I’ve gone through and listed the highlights below about the upcoming team-up movie.

  • Jason Momoa is not playing Aquaman or Martian Manhunter because neither are appearing in the movie.
  • Wonder Woman’s role in the movie will be similar to Scarlett Johansson role as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. It will be a cameo type role that will set her up for her own movie.
  • The Amazons in the film will be descendants of Kryptonians who set up outposts on different planets thousands of years ago. Wonder Woman herself would also be powered down in comparison to Superman since her ancestors have adapted to living on Earth.
  • Expect a look at Ben Affleck’s Batman suit very soon since principal photography will be starting shortly.
  • Jett assures fans not to worry about this film actually being a Justice League film. This is still primarily a Superman film with Batman and Wonder Woman appearing in it.
  • Jett also believes that we will eventually see another Superman film in the future that doesn’t have other DC characters in it.
  • It’s wishful thinking at this point to assume that the TV show Arrow will be connected to the DC movies.
  • The Batman of this film will based on “a healthy amount of DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, a bit of KINGDOM COME, and just a dash of BATMAN BEYOND.”
  • No Batman villains in the film.
  • The Basuit will look a little different from what we’re used to. There will probably not be any shades of blue on it, and it will be a kind of Bat-armor with “BATMAN BEYOND/KINGDOM COME sort of capabilities.”

Holy crap, that’s a lot of info to take in. First off, I’m glad that appearances from other DC heroes is limited to just Batman and Wonder Woman. While I still have doubts whether this can be a true Superman sequel with these other heroes appearing, it’s good to know that it will mainly focus on him. I’m also glad that they won’t add any Batman villains to the mix. I want to see characters from  Superman’s rogues gallery throw down with him in the movie. I’d still like the rumor about Lex Luthor appearing to be true, but I want him IN ADDITION to another Superman villain, like Metallo or Parasite.


Going off Wonder Woman, I’m glad they’re setting her up for a solo film since she’s one of the most iconic superheroes ever known and she deserves a chance to shine on her own. I also find the theory on the Amazons descending from the Kryptonians quite intriguing. It’s a lot better than the crappy “made out of clay” origin. If it ends up being true, I’m curious to see how Superman reacts to learning his people set up these outposts on Earth and other planets.


As for Batman, we sort of knew this already, but it sounds like we’ll be getting an older, more experienced Batman, at least in comparison to the Nolanverse Batman. The Bat-armor has me slightly concerned because I don’t want the DC version of the Iron Man suit (save that for Steel’s inevitable return to the big screen). Still, I’m eager to see a Bat-suit that’s different from what we’ve seen in the past two film series. Producers, show us a picture of the Batfleck soon!


Like Jett said, principal photography is starting soon, so it won’t be long before we get our first visuals from the movie, even if they are only fuzzy images of the set taken with a zoom lens. Hey, we’ll take anything we can get!

UPDATE: Batmobile in Batman vs Superman! We’ve got the news

SOURCE: Batman-On-Film