Bad Robot Producer Bryan Burk Talks STAR TREK 3 And The Possibility Of A New Show

The excellent Star Trek Into Darkness (which you can read our review of here) is gearing up for release in North America tomorrow, so the interviews with the major components of the movie – the cast, J.J. Abrams etc – are hitting the net up quickly. Collider have posted their full interview with frequent Abrams collaborator and Bad Robot exec Bryan Burk, where they discuss a range of topics including the new Trek universe, TV shows produced by the studio, Star Wars, Mission: Impossible V and more.

However, probably what will be the most interesting news for you guys is his comments on whether Star Trek will return to it’s native land of TV anytime soon and what he has to say about the third instalment in the rebooted franchise. Read them below!

On a third Trek movie and when it would be released:

“Well, truth be told it was the hope on the last one, it’s always the hope.  It’s just you don’t just wasn’t to do it- everything we do is, for a lack of a more crass term, everything we do is pushing against the conveyer belt.  There is just this need to feed the beast of movie, or TV, or whatever it may be and you don’t want to do things just because you’re supposed to do them, or because they’re required, or whatever it maybe.  Is it inevitable after a successful film that they’re going to ask for another one?  Yes.  Do we want to rush and do it for that reason?  No.  So that’s one of the reasons why we took time between the last one and this one, was to make sure that we could do something that we believe could be equal if not better than the last one.  In this case we already have ideas of things we’re talking about, and I think in a perfect world it will not be a four year break and it will come out significantly sooner than the last.”

Whether Trek will ever return to TV:

“I mean…yeah, we definitely had conversations about it, I just feel like in the land of walking before you run that we’re still only one film in, I mean the second one hasn’t even come out, and we are trying to galvanize this version of Star Trek and help it be its own thing before we jump in and start doing those.  It feel like it’s definitely something we have talked about and something we would like to do at some point, but right now our focus is on just the films.”

His comments on Star Wars don’t really include anything new, but you can read them and the rest of the great interview at the link below. What do you think? Did you like Star Trek Into Darkness and do you want to see the third movie? Would you like the franchise to return to TV? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Collider