To be honest I haven’t been this excited for a movie in months, and I was right to be. Star Trek Into Darkness had me excited from the beginning,  it’s the return of genius director J.J. Abram’s Star Trek story, and his lens flares.

The story, while i’m keeping this as spoiler free as I can, is very well planned out and it’s important to pay attention during the early moments as to catch up towards the end. The movie goes along at a really fast pace, ten minutes in and we’re treated to explosions and heartbreak and before you know it, Kirk is giving orders in his comfy chair.

But just how good is it? Bloody brilliant. As you’d expect, it’s a pleasure to look at, but on the action side? It’s marvelous! We think that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, John Harrison gives us some of the best scenes of the film. The guy’s a complete badass with no remorse for anyone he crosses paths with. If you think Batman can fight, check this guy out. In an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the latest poster for Into Darkness I was a little unsettled about Harrison, I remember saying that as a villain, he had no gimmick. This was true, but actually it didn’t matter. Harrison is a psychopathic killer driven 100% by his (crazy) love for his family. I was very happy about his role in the film, even though there were a few loose ends about him that weren’t tied up.

But he’s not the only B.A.M.F. we’re happy with, the whole cast from the original flick reprised their roles, though the most notable performances went to Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for the roles of Kirk and Spock.

It’s difficult to say much without spoiling anything, but Into Darkness shows how the crew of the USS Enterprise must invest their trust in each other and make sacrifices to save their world from a brutal villain.

Into Darkness is much much darker than J.J. Abram’s first flick, I really enjoyed the drama and risk all the characters took during the film, and even if they do go ahead with a third film, I don’t know how they’re gonna up the ante.

Star Trek: into Darkness is an amazing movie, told with a great mixture of action and drama, it displays many great over the top action sequences that will render the viewer in awe. In all honesty I couldn’t find anything wrong with this movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.