Are the Masters of Evil Headed to THE AVENGERS 2? Is Ultron?

Last week we broke the story of Doctor Strange’s potential arrival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yea, yea, everyone got that from us!).  Now, if you don’t remember, the leak came to us via a particularly mysterious twitter account with the handle @RogerWardell.

An otherwise unremarkable Twitter account for a source?  What are you thinking UTF?!?!? 

Well, he’s predicted (or leaked) some Captain America: The Winter Soldier news in the past, leading many to believe he’s an insider at Marvel Studios… or Kevin Feige’s annoying, attention seeking teenage son who just wants Daddy to play catch in the backyard.

In any case, Mr. Wardell is back to his old tricks, leaking a series of enigmatic Tweets over the past few days.  If you’ll indulge us one last time, let’s see what potential news this guy has to offer.

On September 8th he released a series of scrambled numbers, urging his followers to put them in proper order:

While fans have pressed him for more deets, Wardell refuses.  Though, he did mention that 4 of these numbers belong to a given year, a statement he quickly deleted.  A few bright minds from the Marvel Studios subreddit (led by CWATTS22) discovered that the numbers correlate to the release of Avengers Vol. 1 #54 The New Masters of Evil.

BTW, that's Goliath people... not Magneto!

What’s the significance of the story?  Well, in this romp, Jarvis betrays Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by offering super secret logistical information to the Klaw, Whirlwind, and Radioactive Man (one of the villains set to appear in Iron Man 3).  Oh… and it features the first appearance of Ultron, Hank Pym’s murderous robot creation.

Now, there’s plenty of juicy threads in this tale that could translate onto the silver screen, but let’s remember that this is all based on a RUMOR.  We have no way to verify @RogerWardell except for his reliability in two previous instances (those Captain America leaks I mentioned earlier),  and even if this small hint to fans has some connection to Joss Whedon’s plans for the greater Marvel Universe, what the hell would it be?

Is this a hint about Ultron? Will he be in THE AVENGERS 2?  Or maybe The Masters of Evil appear instead?  And what the hell is gonna happen to Thanos!?!?!? What’s going on!?!?!?

Are you pretty f***ing confused?

Yeah, I feel the same way, but someone had to wade through this mire of s*** that the rumour mill is churning out, and who better than your Friendly Neighborhood Fanboy?

What do you guys think?  If any of this happens to be true, would you be stoked to see any of these characters on the Big Screen?

Looks like ol’ Ultry is more than happy to join the party.  He’s still a bit pissed that he missed out on all of the free Shawarma last time!