Viggo Mortensen to Play DOCTOR STRANGE?

Yep, you read that title right.

Could Viggo “Killing Orcs E’erday” Mortensen wind up as the Sorcerer Supreme in one of Marvel Studios’ next flicks? Well… let’s take a look.

This latest rumor finds its origins in a particularly barren Twitter account hosted @RogerWardell. With a paltry crew of followers and a light sprinkling of comic book movie announcements, there’s nothing remarkable about Mister Wardell, or so it would seem.

While I would usually cast aside his bizarre series of Marvel centric tweets as nothing more than rabid fanboy mongerings, some of Wardell’s predictions have been true. He was the first to announce Falcon’s inclusion in the Captain America sequel and first again with regards to Sebastian Stan’s return as Bucky.

Well, one of his most recent bits of clairvoyance promises that the much beloved fanboy icon Viggo Mortensen is in discussions with Marvel to portray a character in one of their upcoming films, and DSH has narrowed it to Doctor Strange in Thor: The Dark World (in a short cameo to test the waters).

How f***ing cool would that be?

Mortensen is a massively talented actor and could very well be the most convincing thespian in the whole MCU (no offense Robert Downey Jr). The Lord of The Rings veteran also happens to be a complete and utter badass, as his head chopping skills in that trilogy would attest.

Oh man… I really REALLY hope this rumor is true, but therein lies the problem. It’s just a rumor.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of this comes to fruition. Though, I secretly hope @RogerWardell is really Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige’s leak machine for all the goodies we crave.

Say it’s true Kev! Dat smile!