It hasn’t been that long since we posted news about Joss Whedon becoming the man central to the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic universe (you can read that article here), but now an anonymous insider has some more news to share.

Here’s what the insider claimed when talking to MTV News:

Marvel has a very set agenda of what they want to do, they are already kind of ahead of the game [on the sequel] because they’ve got the guy that did it before doing it again and something tells me Joss already has the template [for the film].  In terms of the time frame, I think that it is well in the works. … It looks like the release date might be May 1, 2015, but that can change depending on people’s schedules.

So there you have it guys, it looks like we have the climax of the second phase in 2015, which makes a lot of sense considering the currently known release dates for this future slate of films (you can read more about them here).

But what do you guys think?  Are you excited about the next slew of movies?  Are you interested in the Avengers 2?  Or should Marvel not try another outing with the super-team?   Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.