Another Ghostbusters spin off, I’m calling gimmick

In August I said “An all new cast is a bad idea” is respect to a new Ghostbusters film. My response to the all female team announcement was that is seemed to be a “gimmick”.  I have tried to be cautiously optimistic about Paul Feig’s feature, and after hearing some of his thoughts on what he is aiming for I am beginning to be assuaged.  He has a history of writing strong female leads and was sticking to what he knows.  That being said  the newly announced all male cast to be directed by the Russo Brothers is a gimmick .  To announce the project as having all male leads proves this.  Expendables wasn’t billed as a men in action movie flick, because that would be stupid it is the norm.  Drew Pearce’s (Iron Man 3, MI 5)script for this gimmick has not even been completed.  The fact leads are being rumored in attachment doesn’t lend credibility to the writing process.  Wow, you want to write for Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum, how original.  At this point everyone wants them.  What if in the organic writing process, to tell the best possible story Pearce realizes he needs to have a female lead?


Maybe Paul Feig’s film should begin shooting before another film is put into the works.  While the Russo brothers last film was great, The Winter Soldier had a plot that was ironed out before The First Avenger was even shot.  I am a big Ghostbuster’s fan, I care more about the property than I know I should, it’s why I am writing this article.  And I hope I am wrong about Feig’s movie and its great.  I was pretty skeptical about the Evil Dead re-launch and enjoyed the film immensely.  I can see Feig’s flick being good, I doubt it but its possible.  Its hard to get excited about an film with an unwritten script that hopes to have two of the biggest movies stars in it.



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