Forget GHOSTBUSTERS 3! Franchise Could Reboot With All Female Team

Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat is currently attached to the long festering Ghostbusters 3 with Dan Aykroyd stating filming will begin in spring of 2015.  With Feig now attached and his intentions stated of an all female team out, Krsiten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are being eyed as new Ghostbusters in this reboot.  While nothing on this film is certain, I want to just stop hearing about it.

An all new cast is a bad idea, and as much as I argue we need more gender diversity, constructing an all female team just because is a gimmick.  If the casting process was open to everyone and four women ended up with the roles, great.  But this is not that.  While I missed Ghostbusters in theaters during its initial two outings its getting a re-release on the 29th of August and I can catch it then.  I am a huge fan of Horror and Comedy mixing, but I’d rather see a new property brought to the screen.  Something like ‘John Dies at the End.’


The only new Ghostbusters concept I’ve heard and liked was the idea of a prequel set in the 1920’s and focusing on  Ivo Shandor, and cult of Gozer from Max Landis.  His idea would be a harder horror flick, adding an additional level of intensity to the original Ghostbusters as we’ll have seen some dark cult stuff.  But we live in a world of PG-13 Expendables movies so this is not going to happen.  If you need a new Ghostbusters fix I say check out IDW’s series which will be wrapping up in September.