You Know What They Say About Death in Comics…

So you do know what they say about death in comics, right? It pretty much doesn’t exist. Superheroes never really stay dead for any period of time, because they’re just too damn marketable for their own good! And as Max Landis has so drunkenly illuminated, “The Death of Superman” really drove home the fact that Superheroes don’t stay dead forever!!! Ever since then, there’s been a huge movement to kill and resurrect popular characters just for a little extra publicity.

Even the death of folks that were supposed to be too sacred to disturb were brought back to life. Remember the return of Uncle Ben, Bucky, and Jason Todd?  Still, until now, there’s actually been a comic book death that’s been treated with a certain amount of reverence, and that’s the death of Captain Marvel. But by the looks of things, that character might be making a huge comeback. Just click on the teaser below.

Now, I know we’ve seen stunts like this before with our dear Mar-Vell, like the little one they pulled during Secret Invasion. Still…I have my suspicions that this might be a true return, my opinion on which is still unset.