Oh Snap Superman, You Just Got Burned!

Max Landis, the writer of this past week’s Chronicle, has a few choice words for DC’s “Death of Superman” arc from the early 90’s. Now, you know my feelings about this gentleman! I’m convinced that he’s stolen his latest blockbuster’s script from a comic book by yours truly…but let’s not get into that right now. Check out this mildly amusing drunk rant below:

Alright, I’ve contained myself long enough…Max Landis is a thief!!! I swear to Stan Lee almighty, somehow this little troublemaker got his hands on one of my comic book scripts and transformed it into Chronicle!!! There are just too many similarities between my book and the movie for it to be a coincidence!!! Now, I guess I have to admit my book hasn’t actually been released, but that doesn’t matter!!!! It was in the process…trust me!

Besides all that, I guess I just don’t like him. I mean…who drinks Johnny Walker Red sans ice anyways? Honestly!?!?

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    screw you Fat-Man I like him!