Top 10: What might happen in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700

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For quite awhile now, Dan Slott has been teasing fans about the big change that’s coming when Amazing Spider-Man takes its final bow with its 700th issue.

No one knows exactly what it will be, but the end result will be the birth of Superior Spider-Man (Click here to read more) and if recent comments are to be believed, Peter Parker will not be the man under the mask.  So what’s going to happen?  I have no idea, but here’s a nice list featuring the Top 10 best guesses from around the interwebs (see what I did there).

Met the new Madame, er rather, Monsieur Web?

The latest Madame Web has been receiving chaotic visions that seem to be pointing toward her imminent demise.  If that’s the case then the role would be left open and I have a weird but awesome theory.  During the final battle between our hero and Doctor Octopus, Peter is struck in the back and severally injured.  He’s unable to carry on in his current superhero role so he becomes the brand new Monsieur Web, talking on a teacher role for whoever the next Spider-Man happens to be.

Ben Reilly returns?

Dan Slott has been toying with the Clone Saga throughout his time with this iconic character.  Like it or not, he brought Kaine back which led directly to a brand new Scarlet Spider series which continued an open discussion about this taboo story line.  It just feels like the right time for another resurrection and who better to take over as Spider-Man than the blonde haired clone that’s near and dear to many fanboys.

Mary Jane, no more?

Considering how integral she is to the character (married or not) her death would devastate our heroic arachnid.  And just think if it was somehow his fault… That would mean two gorgeous women (see Gwen Stacy) were killed by a villain in a situation where Spider-Man could have done something to save them.  I think that would make any man want to throw in the towel and retire, or perhaps do something worse.

Doctor Octopus… a Superior Spider-Man?

This one is outlandish so please bare with me.  Doc Ock transfers his mind into Peter Parker‘s body (think Freaky Friday) right before he dies.  So Peter passes away in the body of a mad scientist as the iconic villain takes over as Spider-Man!  Yes, this one sounds goofy, really, really goofy but there are ways to make sense of it.  The eyes on the new costume are goggle-like and this maniacal madman would be crazy / arrogant enough to call himself “Superior.”

Spider-Man kills Doctor Octopus?

Another Doc Ock centered theory revolves around the guess that Spider-Man will finally snap and murder the villain.  It’s simple enough but it doesn’t strike me as a bold move.  Otto Octavious has been dying for awhile now, so what could he possibly do to make our hero try and shorten his already guaranteed expiration date?  Throughout his career Peter Parker has been given plenty of reasons to kill a villain, but I just don’t see him ever doing it, intentionally.

Aunt May Dies?

Yes, Aunt May has died before (see Amazing Spider-Man #400) but her death at any point is a real game changer for our hero.  If Peter Parker fails to save her whether her demise is brutal or not, then I could easily see this as a logical reason as to why our intrepid webslinger hangs up his costume at the close of #700.  I mean this was the guy who traded his marriage for his Aunt’s survival (see One More Day).

Alpha takes over as Spidey?

We had a three part story arc that brought this character into the spotlight only to have Peter Parker shove him back into the proverbial closet.  He was meant to be his side-kick but the way things were left he came off with no real purpose in the Marvel Universe.  If something happens to Peter I could see him donning the costume and making the claim that he is not just the new Spider-Man in town, but he’s “Superior” to the original.  Don’t forget he still has limited but growing powers.

J. Jonah Jameson is killed?

In a somewhat shocking turn the battle against Doctor Octopus claims the life of Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.  The ripple effects this would have would certainly shake our character to the core.  Despite differences over the years, they both have had a profound impact on each others lives.  And if his death is in any way Spider-Man‘s fault I could see this being both the end of Peter Parker‘s crazy vow to save everyone and a key reason why he gives up his heroic antics.

It should be noted that the following theories are based on the idea that the statements about Peter not continuing to be Spider-Man following this milestone issue are false.

A De-Powered Spider-Man?

It’s been floated around on varying message boards that Doctor Octopus in a final act of desperation will do to Spider-Man what our hero did to Alpha… he’ll remove most of, if not all, his powers.  With that done, the eight armed menace will die and Peter Parker will be placed at a crossroads in his life.  Should he embrace technology and attempt to be a weakened (Batman-type) Spider-Man or give up altogether?

Vampire Spider-Man?

This one is just out there.  Somehow Spider-Man takes on the traits of a Vampire and the combinations between that and his SpideyDNA gives him a pointy nose and claws on his hands and feat.  He alters his costume to make it so the sun doesn’t hurt him and he adjusts his lenses to augment his enhanced vision.

I got nothing else to say on this one, I just thought it was really awesome when I read it.

Alright webslingers that does it for UTF‘s Top 10 guesses regarding what might happen in Amazing Spider-Man #700.

Did you like any of them?  Do you think any of these have the slimmest possibility of coming true?  Got any theories of your own that you want to share?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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  • thedorment

    mj cant die shes on the cover of superior spiderman #2

  • thanosotitan

    I think Carlie will die.

  • Fred P

    They’re messing with the character that made Marvel what it is today. They should have left any major changes to the ultimate universe.

  • Dvdey

    Uh guys, nobody seems to have thought of this one, but what about a reboot from the reboot? Mesphisto’s deal is found out, aunt May gives her life back to turn back the clock, Peter hangs up the threads to catch up on lost time with his WIFE, M.J.
    They’re ending the series so why can’t they make things right at the very end?