Marvel just announced that My Chemical Romance singer and front man, Gerard Way, will be writing an issue of its upcoming “Edge of Spider-Verse” miniseries starting this September.

“Edge of Spider-Verse” will span five issues, with a new creative team on each, with the miniseries paving the way for the upcoming “Spider-Verse” storyline.

The series will focus on minor characters from Dan Slott’s Spider-Man event, while Way’s issue will focus on an alternate Spider-Man named “SP//dr” and will be drawn by Jake Wyatt.

No one cares about Spider-Verse, though, what we really care about is the fact that an Eisner Award and Grammy Award winning artist will be making his Marvel Comics debut this September!

Gerard Way, the writer of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and the Eisner Award-winning The Umbrella Academy will join the likes of Jason Latour, Dustin Weaver, Robbi Rodriguez and David Hine to write Edge of Spider-Verse.

Maybe this super-mega event crossover will actually be good, judging from the talent that’s attached to it, but the question is why would an Eisner Award winning indie writer/artist even want to have his name attached to something as ridiculous sounding as “SP//dr”?

Gerard Way

On that issue, Spider-Man group editor, Nick Lowe said:

“I’ve been trying to get Gerard on a Marvel project for long time. We met a couple years ago at New York Comic Con and I’ve been slowly and surely trying to weasel my way into his life and trying to get him to write something for me. Because I’m such a huge fan of “Umbrella Academy.” It’s pretty embarrassing.”

Nick Lowe also revealed to CBR that fan-favorite character, Spider-Man Noir, will be featured in the mini-series.

Jason Latour, on the other hand, revealed that one of the issues will feature a radioactive spider-bitten Gwen Stacy who fights crime as Spider-Woman.

Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman. photo: CBR

We’re trying to treat Gwen as a fully realized and fundamentally different person than Peter, to treat Spider-Woman as something new,” said Jason Latour. “But as we set out to do that it’s impossible not to think about what she shares with Spider-Man. What that seems to be, aside from the powers, is that they’re very much influenced by strong parents.”

Source: CBR