Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #1 Review

Executive Extinction continues here and Iris makes her return, but is this really a crossover that needs to happen?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Iris is back, but will she make it through the – Executive Extinction!

Following the deadly results of “The Hit List Agenda”, the Executive Assistants find themselves alone, scattered and unsure of their own collective fate. However, Iris now finds herself at the employ of perhaps the most sinister of all organized enterprises—the Central Intelligence Agency! The pulse-pounding third volume of the epic Executive Assistant: Iris series kicks off with the massive ten part series that will forever alter the lives of every Executive Assistant!

This event barrels ahead but not much further as this issue takes some time to tell Iris‘ side of things.  In this inaugural outing of her latest volume there’s action, drama and some light character development that’s all packaged rather nicely in a solid release that above all else has just enough narrative meat to it to justify a purchase.

David Wohl handles the script and the accomplished writer does a lot to make this portion of a greater story arc work.  It’s not necessarily an ideal jump place to start for those not versed in this little universe, but it manages to be an excellent vantage point to get a glimpse on the inherent festivities therein.  From the high action to the tension this release is simply firing on all cylinders as the author fills in the blanks left by Executive Assistant: Assassins #6 (read our review here).

Alex Lei does an outstanding job on the art in this engaging first issue.  Each curve and jagged edge works in an almost harmonic unison to deliver some very compelling visuals.  Each pencil stroke allows a very solid flow of ideas as it seeks to properly display the carnage and the more dramatic moments with relative ease.  Overall this is a very pretty comic book that’s sure to please its core audience.

Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #1 is a good release that’s sure to put a smile on any fan’s face.  Recommended.


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