Executive Assistant: Assassins #6 Review

This crossover event for the Executive Assistant: Assassins franchises begins here, but is it really worth your time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

The Extinction begins!

“Executive Extinction” kicks off with this all new story arc featuring Lily, one of the most popular characters in the EA Universe, as she attempts to piece together some semblance of a normal life—while fighting to protect it from those who seek to end it! Enter Mazutsu, the armed dealer mastermind who has sworn to eliminate all Executive Assistants at any cost. Yet, the biggest surprise for Lily comes as she discovers one of her trusted allies is working for those who seek to capture her!

Events are such a heavy phrase to throw around these days and if you’re a comic fan that’s hung around either of the big two companies chances are by now you’re more than likely a bit jaded by the whole affair.  If you among the many that are annoyed by the concept don’t worry this isn’t Marvel or DC, this is Aspen, and this specific arc is not done to increase sales but rather comes out of a cosmetic need for this narrative to evolve.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and he does a stellar job re-introducing the key players.  His characterizations of all the various assassins lends a certain amount of humanity to the proceedings as each piece takes its place on the proverbial chessboard.  The kinetic energy absolutely energies the brilliantly structured fight scenes as the inner-dialogue takes a much needed back seat to the art.  From the fist page to the shocking final panel everyone should take notes, because this is how you begin an event.

Jordan Gunderson is the star of this release as his beautifully rendered panels deliver the type of visual strength something like this sorely needs.  He perfectly illustrates each of the protagonists and the antagonists, as his soft but concentrated pencil strokes give just enough detail to build the world around them.  I honestly have no real complaints here because the work on display is just as strong as it needs to be.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #6 does just enough to get the ball rolling.  Recommended.


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