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• September 2012


Evil Ernie #1

Written By: Jesse Blaze Snider

Art By: Jason Craig

Covers By: Tim Seeley, Adrian Syaf, Tim Bradshaw and Dan Brereton

Description: ORIGIN OF EVIL PART 1! Ernest Fairchild was a kind and gentle soul…until one day something in him snapped, leading him to one of the most notorious killing sprees in American history. With 665 kills to his name, “Evil Ernie” requires ONE more murder to complete the ritual he started and seal his deal with the Devil. Problem is: he’s just been EXECUTED! What led an ordinary boy to become a leather-clad angel of death? How does he wield such blasphemous power? And what is the secret behind his hideous smiley-face button?

32 pages, $3.99.


The Art of Painted Comics HC

Written By: Christopher Lawrence

Art By: Alex Ross, Frank Frazetta, Joe Jusko, Michael William Kaluta, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neal Adamas, Julie Bell, Joseph Michael Linser, Greg Hildebrandt Simon Bisley and so many more!

Cover By: Alex Ross

Description: The most comprehensive. premium hardcover on comics greatest painters! Overseen by Alex Ross, Painted Comics is THE hardcover coffee table art book which offers a history of painted comics. It is an overview of the topic: a glimpse into a world that has, to date, been regrettably overlooked; a sampling of artistry that will foster an appreciation of the mastery of the men and women behind the images that have long held our collective imagination.

300 pages, $49.99.

Vampirella vs. Fluffy One-Shot

Written By: Mark Rahner

Art By: Cezar Razek

Cover By: Nick Bradshaw

Description: Young, horny high school couples are being horribly mutilated by demonic Puritans. Time for Fluffy to take a study break and kick some supernatural ass! Meanwhile, Fluffy’s pals are wagging their tongues at the hot new substitute teacher — Vampirella. When the iconic vampire and the teenage warrior face off, the clash is more epic than stripes and polka dots! Vampi continues to tear her way through pop-culture vampirism in dark, brutal — and cathartic — satire from writer Mark Rahner (Vampirella Annual #2, Rotten).

40 pages, $4.99.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #2

Written By: Steve Darnall and Alex Ross

Art By: Jonathan Lau

Covers By: Alex Ross, Jae Lee, Adrian Syaf and Stephen Segovia

Description: In “The Grand Illusion,” Peter Cannon heads to Japan on business, reflecting on how his act of rage unleashed a dragon upon the world and led this very private hero to become a very public celebrity. When he arrives in Tokyo, his more immediate concerns include fighting off a mysterious band of assailants — and coming face-to-fact with the mysterious, murderous Master Tiger!

32 pages, $3.99.

The Boys #71

Written By: Garth Ennis

Art By: Russ Braun

Cover By: Darick Robertson

Description: High above the streets of New York City, Hughie and Butcher reach the end of the line. There’s blood to be spilled and truth to be heard. The last Boys storyline reaches its conclusion, in the sixth and final part of The Bloody Doors Off.

32 pages, $3.99.

Jennifer Blood #20

Written By: Al Ewing

Art By: Kewber Ball

Cover By: Admira Wijaya

Description: Revere, New Mexico, doesn’t get many visitors. There’s Louis Blue, the meth kingpin, out of his territory. Elaine Pruitt, the homicide detective, out of her jurisdiction. Ray Buwick, the wetworks agent, out of his mind. And of course, the reason they’re all there… Jen Fellows, the mother of two. Out for blood…

32 pages, $3.99.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #2

Written By: Mike Caroll

Art By: Igor Vitorino

Cover By: Mike Mayhew

Description: In the twelve years since she faked her death, Jessica Blute ñ now calling herself Jennifer Fellows – has been making plans to avenge her parents’ deaths… But now she is starting to understand that plans mean nothing if there’s no followthrough. A chance encounter with Wendell Cortland, one of her uncles’ top enforcers, has snapped Jen out of her complacency. Soon, all five of her uncles will be in the same area at the same time. This is an opportunity that may never come again!

32 pages, $3.99.

Vampirella #24

Written By: Brandon Jerwa

Art By: Heubert Khan Michael

Covers By: Paul Renaud, Fabiano Neves and Ale Garza

Description: The battle lines have been drawn! Dracula’s horrific soldiers – and his new lieutenant — are on the offensive, but they’ll have to get past Vampirella and her allies! The two-part HELL ON EARTH epic starts here! (And be sure to check out PANTHA #5 for even more of the story!)

32 pages, $3.99.

Dark Shadows/Vampirella #3

Written By: Maec Andreyko

Art By: Patrick Berkenkotter

Cover By: Fabiano Neves

Description: Vampirella takes Barnabas on a tour of the seedy sex clubs of New York as the search for the serial killer heats up! And sparks fly between Pantha and Quentin, the werewolf! But our vampire heroes are in over their heads as the true villain behind the murders shows them a preview of her (!!) ancient evil!

32 pages, $3.99.

Pantha #5

Written By: Brandon Jerwa

Art By: Pow Rodrix

Cover By: Mark Texeira

Description: A DYNAMITE CROSSOVER EVENT! Pantha goes to war against the forces of Dracula and the Parliament Of Demons in this done-in-one crossover with the “HELL ON EARTH” storyline in VAMPIRELLA! Perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

32 pages, $3.99.

Damsels #2

Written By: Leah Moore, John Reppion

Art By: Aneke

Cover By: Joseph Michael Linsner

Description: In Caumont Castle, King Persine and Queen Rapunzel are still reeling from the discovery of a mysterious spy in their midst. The loyal subjects of Caumont must be made aware of the sinister magical threat before it’s too late! Meanwhile, having made her escape from Caumont via the River Esk, Rapa is still struggling to make sense of her situation. Can she really trust the amphibian girl who saved her life, or is she even more confused than Rapa herself?

32 pages, $3.99.

Pathfinder #3

Written By: Jim Zub

Art By: Andrew Huerta

Covers By: Matteo Scalera, Lucio Parrillo, Erik Jones and Tyler Walpole

Description: Valeros and his companions have captured one of the cultists behind the strange magic that grips the goblin tribes of Varisia, but their prisoner may not be as helpless as they seem. Making matters worse, the group must cross through the haunted cemetery known as Pauper’s Grave, luring them into the paralyzing touch of flesh-eating ghouls. Paizo’s incredible award-winning fantasy world, fiction line and tabletop RPG is now the ultimate fantasy comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Includes over 5 pages of character profiles and Pathfinder RPG game statistics, plus an EXCLUSIVE removable, playable tactical map and poster.

40 pages, $3.99.

Prophecy #5

Written By: Ron Marz

Art By: Walter Geovani

Cover By: Paul Renaud

Description: The battle for Earth’s survival continues! Mankind must depend upon champions including Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula, Pantha, Herbert West the Reanimator and Athena to stand against sorcerer Kulan Gath and his doomsday gods! Will our heroes have to sacrifice themselves in order to save the world? Only the all-star team of writer Ron Marz and artist Walter Geovani know for sure!

32 pages, $3.99.

Witchblade: Demon Reborn #4

Written By: Ande Parks

Art By: Jose Luis

Covers By: Dennis Calero and Jae Lee

Description: The Demon finally has Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade where he wants them: in the pits of hell. To get back home to her family, Sara must fight through a legion of the Witchblade’s victims. She must also finally defeat the Demon himself. The Demon is just as motivated. At stake is a place in the hierarchy of hell’s bureaucracy, vs. an eternity of perpetual torment. All-out, hellish action in the final chapter in this twisted tale of revenge and redemption.

32 pages, $3.99.

Chosen #1

Created By: Marcus Nispel and Gotham Chopra Sharad Devarajan

Written By: Chuck Dixon

Art By: Edison George

Cover By: Diego Latorre

Description: An original comic book series created by filmmaker Marcus Nispel (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Chosen is a high-octane action thriller about a Detroit kid, the least likely candidate to be the latest reincarnation of an Eastern spiritual master whose tradition goes back for generations. Despite all outward contradictions, the teen’s powers — refined over centuries worth of incarnations ñ start to manifest in him and propel him onto a journey that starts in the Urban grit of Detroit’s 8 Mile and take him all the way to the even grittier underground gangland of Mumbai.

32 pages, $3.99.

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist Vol. 1 TP

Written By: Eric Trautmann

Art By: Daniel Indro and Ron Adrian

Cover By: Alex Ross

Description: A classic of science-fiction is reborn in Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist. Inspired by Alex Raymond’s legendary tales of invasion, action, and romance on the distant planet Mongo, and under the artistic supervision of renowned artist Alex Ross, Zeitgeist returns Flash Gordon to his two-fisted, thrill-packed roots. The year is 1934, and Earth is attacked by a powerful alien invasion force, led by the sinister, all-seeing Ming the Merciless. And this time, he does not fight alone. Allied with the sinister spymaster Klytus, his exotic and treacherous daughter, Princess Aura… and Adolf Hitler! Three valiant humans — iconic hero Flash Gordon, the beautiful, tough, determined Dale Arden, and the brilliant scientist Hans Zarkov — are plucked from our world and rocketed into another universe of fearsome creatures, noble and savage alien species, ancient science, and titanic threats.

200 pages, $29.99.

The Spider #6

Written By: David Liss

Art By: Colton Worley

Covers By: John Cassaday and Francesco Francavilla

Description: A ruthless crime lord is on the rise. The clock is ticking on a politician’s life. Only The Spider stands a chance of stopping the Wingman before he strikes and sends the city spiraling into chaos, but can he do it alone? It’s the return of Ronald Jackson, one of the pulp-era Spider’s most trusted associates!

32 pages, $3.99.

The Green Hornet #33

Written By: Jai Nitz

Art By: Jethro Morales

Covers By: Phil Hester and Stephen Sadowski

Description: The events of Arms Race leave the Green Hornet family in ruin. Beaten, broken, dead, and missing, the vigilantes of Century City sink into the shadows. But the city still stands, and it still needs a champion. A new Green Hornet flies across the skyline. A new chapter begins here!

32 pages, $3.99.

Warlord of Mars #25

Written By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Leandro Oliveira

Covers By: Joe Jusko (50%) and Lucio Parrillo (50%)

Description: It’s Judgment Day on Mars. Everything John Carter has achieved has lead him to this final confrontation with the cruel tyrant of the Martian north. But he’s going to be so busy commanding his army that he’s not going to be able to rescue Dejah Thoris this time she’s going to have to rescue herself! And even if Carter is victorious, he has upset the ancient religion of Mars and smashed the red planet’s eons-old customs. What will be his reward? The epic battle to unite all of Mars awaits you in Warlord of Mars #25: The Final Reward!

32 pages, $3.99.

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #20

Written By: Robert Place Napton

Art By: Carlos Rafael

Covers By: Paul Renaud (50%) and Fabiano Neves (50%)

Description: Having returned from Titan, Dejah reunites with her Grandfather and Father and finds that a Criminal Underworld has gotten a foothold in Helium led by the enigma “MORTUS.” In order to discover Mortus true identity and bring down his organization, Dejah and a notorious Weapons Master assume different identities and infiltrate Barsoom’s criminal underworld where they encounter assassins, gangsters, and a vile world of corruption and deceit that Dejah never knew existed.

32 pages, $3.99.

Lord of the Jungle #11

Written By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Roberto Castro

Cover By: Lucio Parrillo

Description: The Lord of the Jungle is back where he belongs, doing what he loves best — kicking some serious ass in the African jungle! The ape-man has found a tribe of warriors who can lead him to Opar, the legendary city of gold, but before they can help him he’s going to have to take out some colonialist thugs who are carving a path of death through the jungle. Russian super-spy Nicholas Rokoff is on the hunt for Opar too, and he’ll stop at nothing to secure the gold for the Tsar, not even kidnapping the ape-man’s true love, Jane Porter.

32 pages, $3.99.

Voltron #10

Written By: Brandon Thomas

Art By: N. Steven Harris

Cover By: Sean Chen

Description: The Voltron Force is BACK ON ARUS! Unfortunately for our heroes, and the planet that changed their lives forever, they’ve only returned to stop their new adversary from smashing the capital city into the ground. It’s Voltron vs. Voltron in their biggest battle yet, and not everyone walks away from it unscathed! And with what Keith has just learned about a threat older and greater than Doom and Arus put together, it’s clear to him that this “evil Voltron” is only the beginning of the horrors to come. “Ten Lions” concludes with a revelation even bigger than King Zarkon’s death, and paves the way for “Plan V”…

32 pages, $3.99.

Red Sonja #73

Written By: Eric Trautmann

Art By: Edgar Salazar

Cover By: Walter Geovani

Description: The She-Devil With A Sword keeps the home fires burning… literally. An ancient feud in Red Sonja’s native Hyrkania has flared back to life, and awakened old animosities, and a growing, deadly evil. To stem the rising tide of bloodshed will take all of Red Sonja’s skill and daring… and the help of an old ally. But is his return an omen of victory… or death?

32 pages, $3.99.

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #3

Written By: Luke Lieberman

Art By: Max Dunbar

Cover By: Lucio Parrillo

Description: Fighting fire with fire. To overcome the ancient evil that threatens Hyborea Red Sonja must avail herself of an older evil from the heart of the Nameless Isle. Meanwhile, King Kazel has continued his conquest, but when the victorious king returns to Atlantis, he may find Doom awaits him.

32 pages, $3.99.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #30

Written By: Robert Jordan and Chuck Dixon

Art By: Francis Nuguit

Cover By: Adam Moore

Description: In a risky attempt to get to the Eye of the World, Moiraine has talked the Loial into taking the group to The Ways – mystical transportation aids tainted by darkness. It’s a risk the Ogier is uncomfortable with, but that Moiraine sees as necessary… especially after the Dark One again visits the dreams of Rand, Mat, and Perrin. Time is running out for our heroes in the latest installment of Robert Jordan’s THE WHEEL OF TIME: THE EYE OF THE WORLD!

32 pages, $3.99.

The Art of Howard Chaykin HC — Signed by Howard Chaykin

Description: Legendary for what he has done on the page and infamous for what he has said off it, Howard Chaykin ranks among the superstars of modern comics. In The Art of Howard Chaykin, go behind the scenes with the creator whose pioneering works include American Flagg!, The Shadow, Batman, New Avengers, Dominic Fortune, Black Kiss and more. The Art of Howard Chaykin takes readers on an in-depth journey from the 1950s to today with one of the medium’s great storytellers.

256 pages, $69.99.

The Lone Ranger Vol. 2 #10

Written By: Ande Parks

Art By: Esteve Polls

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: Tonto has lost everything. He has committed acts of unspeakable violence. Now, he must return to his tribe and attempt to find some way to live his life again. He may not be successful. Meanwhile, three years later, the Lone Ranger attempts to find help for his gravely wounded companion. It may be too late to save Tonto, though, as the Ute Indians the Ranger has sought out are facing deadly problems of their own. Part four of the epic and character-defining Native Ground arc.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron #4

Written By: Chuck Dixon

Art By: Esteve Polls

Cover By: Dennis Calero

Description: The Masked Man comes to Tonto’s aide. But have the faithful companions found one another only to die together? Dozens of innocents may died in a bloody massacre unless the legend of the Spirit Horse can come to life to bring peace to the prairies. Basically, the Lone Ranger will fight his way through the blizzard along with a troop of cavalry to rescue Tonto and the trainload of folks.

32 pages, $3.99.

Army of Darkness Vol. 3 #9

Written By: Elliot R. Serrano

Art By: Dietrich Smith

Cover By: Daniel Leister

Description: Lost in time. Low on gas. Surrounded by dames. As Ashley J. Williams tries to find his way back into the present, he lands in 1920’s Chicago smack in the middle of the clash between Eliot Ness and Al Capone, but a time-lost copy of the Necronomicon threatens to change the course of history! It’s a hot time in the old town tonight when Ash finds himself exchanging his boomstick for a tommy-gun, butting heads with deadite mobsters and crossing paths with dangerous dames. All new adventures! All new enemies! Featuring the hero from the classic horror/adventure movie!

32 pages, $3.99.

Silver Scorpion TP

Written By: Ron Marz and Ian Edginton

Art By: Mukesh Singh and Edison George

Cover By: Mukesh Singh

Description: Based on the creative ideas of a group of disabled students from America and Syria, the Silver Scorpion tells the story of an Arabic teenager, Bashir Bari, who loses his legs in a tragic accident triggered by violent gangsters. Consumed with anger and grief, Bashir retreats into a world of isolation, resentful of the pitiful looks and whispers of strangers. When he accidentally witnesses the murder of Tarek, a mysterious local metal smith, Bashir is unwittingly chosen as the new guardian of an ancient power that has remained hidden for centuries. With new abilities allowing him to manipulate the metal around him, Bashir must now decide how to use this gift and balance the line between justice and revenge.

168 pages, $16.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum