Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1

Story By: Steve Darnall and Alex Ross

Art By: Jonathan Lau

Covers By: Alex Ross, Jae Lee, John Cassada and Ardian Syaf

Description: Peter Cannon is a world-famous author, an international celebrity, and the superhero known as Thunderbolt, acknowledged far and wide as the man who saved the world from destruction. Unfortunately, he has little interest in fame, even less interest in people, and the peace he has created is based on an illusion. Now, as old and new enemies plan to destroy his efforts–unaware of the secret he carries–Peter Cannon must fight to keep the peace and preserve his own existence, while fending off deadly foes…and mysterious admirers. Join artist co-writer/cover artist Alex Ross and writer Steve Darnall for the story of a hero who discovers that sometimes… things are not all what they seem! Featuring a foreword by Mark Waid and Peter Cannon’s never-before-published origin story by creator, Pete Morisi!

48 pages, $3.99.

Damsels #1

Story By: Leah Moore and John Reppion

Art By: Aneke

Covers By: J. Scott Campbell and Sean Chen

Description: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White come together with other damsels in a new adventure filled with danger and intrigue. In Damsels, the alluring princesses of classic fairy tales take up arms to save their kingdoms from war. Rediscover the darkness at the heart of fairy tales and why they’ll be no happily ever after. Damsels opens with Rapa wishing she had not got out of bed that morning, if she had a bed to get out of that is. The day began badly and has gone rapidly and literally downhill ever since. A series of peculiar and baffling encounters throw obstacle after obstacle into her path, intent it seems on preventing her progress. The thing is, until today she had no idea she was trying to make any progress, toward anything! A collection of hazy memories and bewildering tattoos are all she has to help her figure it all out, and to be honest, she’d just as soon not bother. Around her, we see the mountain city of Caumont thrown into overdrive by the arrival of Queen Talia and King Aurore of Perrault. The streets are thronged with cheering people, does it matter they aren’t exactly sure why they are cheering, or for whom?

32 pages, $3.99.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #1

Story By: Mike Carroll

Art By: Igor Vitorino

Cover By: Mike Mayhew

Description: Jessie Blute’s uncles murdered her father and drove her mother to suicide, which forced Jessie to fake her own death. With a new identity, she distanced herself from her past, found love, raised a family… And then, many years later, she sought out her uncles and delivered brutal and blood-drenched vengeance. But what was the trigger that turned this sweet, loving mother-of-two into a cold-hearted killing machine? This is the story of Jessica Blute’s lost years… and how she came to draw first blood.

32 pages, $3.99.

Pathfinder #2

Story By: Jim Zubkavich

Art By: Andrew Huerta

Covers By: Lucio Parillo, Matteo Scalera, Dave Dorman and Erik Jones

Description: Goblins chew, goblins fight! Goblins cut, goblins bite! The goblins of Varisia sing twisted songs as their blood boils with ferocious rage and mystic power. Valeros and his companions may discover the forces behind the goblin tribes’ newfound strength, but stopping it is another matter entirely. Paizo’s incredible award-winning fantasy world, fiction line and tabletop RPG is now the ultimate fantasy comic from Dynamite Entertainment. This issue includes over five pages of character profiles and Pathfinder RPG game statistics, plus a removable, playable tactical map and poster.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Shadow #6

Story By: Garth Ennis

Art By: Aaron Campbell

Covers By: Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Howard Chaykin and Francesco Francavilla

Description: All hell breaks loose in the kingdom of Buffalo Wong, as the Shadow faces an army and Pat Finnegan learns the facts of life in the worst possible way. Far too late to do any good, Margo Lane finds out her master’s true intentions, as the evil Taro Kondo gets clean away… or does he? Only the Shadow knows for sure, in the final part of The Fire of Creation.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Shadow Annual #1

Story By: Tom Sniegoski

Art By: Dennis Calero

Cover By: Alex Ross

Description: The Shadow is tormented by visions of New York City plagued by living fire–fire in the shape of a Chinese dragon–fire with the potential to spread hungrily to the world. But what do these visions mean? The Shadow will peel back the layers of mystery, leading to a confrontation that could very well shake the pillars of Heaven. Who are the waifs of Li-Lung, and what are their connections to Brother Pritchard’s Orphanage for Wayward Children, and to crime boss on the rise, Vincent Ruzzo? Soon, the Shadow will know.

40 pages, $4.99.

The Boys #70

Story By: Garth Ennis

Art By: Russ Braun

Cover By: Darick Robertson

Description: On his own and out of options, Hughie resorts to extreme measures to keep himself in the game. Meanwhile, as vengeful forces close in from all around, Bradley considers a drastic step of her own- but will Stillwell allow her to get away with it? Butcher asks the big questions and Hughie finds out one last secret of his own, as The Bloody Doors Off races towards its fateful conclusion. Two issues till the end!

32 pages, $3.99.

Jennifer Blood #19

Story By: Al Ewing

Art By: Kewber Baal

Cover By: Tim Bradstreet

Description: We jump forward in time to find out how Jen’s coping. How far will she go to “protect” her family in the aftermath of Tuesday’s events? (Seriously, there’s got to be a limit… right?) And how far will Detective Pruitt go to get justice for Jen’s ever-increasing list of crimes? The new arc begins with a bang!

32 pages, $3.99.

Green Hornet #32

Story By: Jai Nitz and Ande Parks

Art By: Jethro Morales

Covers By: Stephen Sadowski and Phil Hester

Description: The Green Hornet is trying to re-make his image in Century City. The wealthy, brilliant and ruthless arms dealer, Gravilov isn’t making it easy. Intent on using Century City as a base from which to ship death around the globe, Gravilov must first eliminate the Green Hornet and Kato. Gravilov’s high-tech thugs have attacked The Hornet’s Nest, leaving blood and chaos in their wake. Now, the Green Hornet will strike back. But, to defeat Gravilov, will the Hornet have to sink to his level?

32 pages, $3.99.

The Tolkien Years of the Brothers Hiderbrandt TP

Story By: Greg Hildebrandt, Jr.

Art By: Greg Hildebrandt and Tim Hildebrandt

Cover By: Greg Hildebrandt and Tim Hildebrandt

Description: The million-selling Lord of the Rings calendars created during the ’70s by renowned fantasy artists Greg and Tim Hildebrandt are now considered artistic masterpieces. This coffee table art book, The Tolkien Years of the Brothers Hildebrandt, collects all that fantastic art, while telling the untold story behind the creation of those cherished illustrations! It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the work of two renowned fantasy artists — written through the eyes of their closest family member — providing Tolkien-lovers with a fantastic treasury of Lord of the Rings art… the movies of which have now grossed billions worldwide! Written by Greg Hildebrandt, Jr., Greg Hildebrandt’s son, this book tells the story through the eyes of young Gregory when, at ages five, six, and seven, he posed for the various “little people” characters known as the Hobbits. Gregory reminisces about his key role in the development of these calendar paintings and the unique creative ingenuity of his father and uncle. This updated and expanded edition includes all new pages with commentary and exclusive material.

144 pages, $29.99 (Signed edition, $75; Signed and remarked edition, $299.99).

Vampirella #23

Story By: Brandon Jerwa

Art By: Heubert Kahn Michael

Covers By: Fabiano Neves, Paul Renaud and Ale Garza

Description: The “Inquisition” storyline reaches its dramatic conclusion in this issue! Vampirella must defend her recent actions and prove that she hasn’t been corrupted by the influence of Chaos…before her most powerful enemy drives her to madness! The balance of the universe rests upon Vampirella’s shoulders, and the weight may be too much for her to bear!

32 pages, $3.99.

Pantha #4

Story By: Brandon Jerwa

Art By: Pow Rodrix

Cover By: Mark Texeira

Description: “Dangerous Game” reaches its wild conclusion! It’s Nature VS. Nurture as Pantha must choose between the life she knows in the present, and the destiny that was set for her in the past! Is she a Goddess of Egypt – or an Agent of Order?

32 pages, $3.99.

Dark Shadows/Vampirella #2

Story By: Marc Andreyko

Art By: Patrick Berkenkotter

Cover By: Fabiano Neves

Description: Investigating a series of brutal murders of young women in NYC, Vampirella and Barnabas Collins (with some side assistance from werewolf Quentin Collins and shape-shifter Pantha) join forces to stop the bloodshed! But, can Barnabas and Vampirella stay one step ahead of both the sadistic Lady Bathory and the NYPD? Is the combined might of our vampire heroes enough to save the innocent girls? Or will they have enough trouble just saving themselves?

32 pages, $3.99.

Prophecy #4

Story By: Ron Marz

Art By: Walter Geovani

Cover By: Paul Renaud

Description: The end is nigh! The end of the world, that is, now that sorcerer Kulan Gath has summoned powerful Mayan avatars of destruction to reduce the planet to ashes. Earth’s only hope is a motley band of warriors, including Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dracula, Pantha, Herbert West the Reanimator and more, who must stand against Gath’s minions. It’s a contest of champions, with the very survival of our world depending on the outcome. Writer Ron Marz and artist Walter Geovani continue Dynamite’s crossover to end all crossovers!

32 pages, $3.99.

Thunda #2

Story By: Robert Place Napton

Art By: Cliff Richards

Cover By: Jae Lee

Description: Roger Drum doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, but he knows he’s a soldier and that he’s landed in a Lost World full of Dinosaurs and other creatures that time has forgotten. His perilous exploration of his new home leads him into a trap where he becomes the prisoner of the primitive and savage cliff people!

40 pages, $3.99.

The Spider #5

Story By: David Liss

Art By: Colton Worley

Covers By: John Cassaday and Francesco Francavilla

Description: Anput has New York City and the Spider at her mercy, but she’s not done yet. As she unveils her final plot, Wentworth must pay an extraordinarily high price for justice and his life will change forever. Friends will fall and foes will risk everything to escape the clutches of the Spider! From the corridors of power to the skies above the city, it’s the thrilling, pulptastic conclusion to the first arc!

32 pages, $3.99.

The Bionic Man #14

Story By: Phil Hester and Aaron Gillespie

Art By: Ed Tadeo

Covers By: Alex Ross and Ed Tadeo

Description: While the Secret of Bigfoot may be solved, a host of new questions emerge and the answers have Steve seeing red! With an unlikely ally by his side and a mysterious enemy in his crosshairs, Steve finds himself deep inside dangerous territory. But what he finds there may spell the end for the Bionic Man. Part 3 of The Secret of Bigfoot pits Steve against his strangest and most deadly adversary yet!

32 pages, $3.99.

The Bionic Woman #7

Story By: Paul Tobin

Art By: Leno Carvalho

Cover By: Paul Renaud

Description: With the Mission out of the picture, Jaime is free to search for her past and recover some fragments of the woman she used to be. Unfortunately, there’s another player in the game, and she’ll stop at nothing to end Jaime’s search once and for all! Are there any clues as to the identity of this mysterious woman, and why she’s gunning for the Bionic Woman? All we can say is… she’s not sugar, she’s not spice, but she’s everything nice. Her name is Katy, and she’s Fembot # 1.

32 pages, $3.99.

Kirby: Genesis – Captain Victory Volume 1 TP

Story By: Sterling Gates

Art By: Wagner Reis, Steve Scott, Joe St Pierre and Dennis Calero

Cover By: Alex Ross

Description: Kirby: Genesis–Captain Victory focuses on a diverse group of intergalactic lawmen who travel the cosmos, fighting against the forces hell-bent on universe-wide domination. Lead by the mysterious warrior dubbed “Captain Victory,” the Rangers fight the scariest, strangest, and most terrifying monsters and mad men they can find. Unbeknownst to his own men, however, Captain Victory is harboring a terrible secret, the kind that could destroy not only the Galactic Rangers, but bring about the destruction of all of time and space! Collecting Kirby: Genesis — Captain Victory #1-6!

144 pages, $19.99.

Warlord of Mars #24

Story By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Leandro Oliveira

Covers By: Joe Jusko and Lucio Parrillo

Description: John Carter is a prisoner of the brutal tyrant Salensus Oll. His princess is still in the clutches of the ever-sleazy Matai Shang. But Carter’s a lucky guy! A friendly fleet is approaching Salensus Oll’s domed fortress. There’s just one little hitch: the ships are doomed if Carter can’t escape and shut down the terrible Guardian of the North that renders Salensus Oll invincible. Even if he breaks free, Carter will have to face the guardian of the Guardian — the greatest swordsman Mars has ever known!

32 pages, $3.99.

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Throis #19

Story By: Robert Place Napton

Art By: Carlos Rafael

Covers By: Paul Renaud and Fabiano Neves

Description: The concluding chapter of the “Vampire Men from Saturn.” Dejah remains trapped on the ringed world with the Vampire Men who are about to launch their invasion of Mars. She hatches a desperate plan, but will her blood be tainted, converting her into a Vampire Woman before she can save her beloved homeworld?!

32 pages, $3.99.

Warriors of Mars TP

Story By: Robert Place Napton

Art By: Jack Jadson

Cover By: Joe Jusko

Description: In 1905 Edwin Arnold created a character that many feel changed the course of Science Fiction and that character’s name was Lt. Gullivar Jones. Arnold’s tale of Gullivar’s journey to Mars and falling in love with a Martian princess is thought by many to have inspired the Martian tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs, written some six years later. Dynamite Entertainment is proud to bring these characters together, telling the story of their first meeting! Collecting the five-issue series!

144 pages, $19.99.

George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones #12

Story By: George R.R. Martin and Daniel Abraham

Art By: Tommy Patterson

Cover By: Mike Miller

Description: In Winterfell, young Brandon Stark, though crippled by his near-fatal fall, is finally able to ride again, with the help of a gift from Tyrion Lannister. As thanks, the Imp has been imprisoned by Catelyn Stark and her sister, Lysa Arryn, in the forbidding sky dungeons of the Eyrie, and charged with Bran’s attempted murder. Now, in a desperate bid for freedom, Tyrion demands the right of trial by combat. But what chance does a dwarf have against Lysa’s chosen champion? Differences in size are not the only reason for an unequal fight, as Eddard Stark learns in King’s Landing, where his investigation into the death of Jon Arryn takes an unexpected — and deadly — turn.

32 pages, $3.99.

Lord of the Jungle #10

Story By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Roberto Castro

Cover By: Lucio Parrillo

Description: The world’s greatest pulp fiction hero clashes with Russian super-spy Nicholas Rokoff in the gilded palaces of France. Then it’s off to Africa, to find the legendary city of Opar before Rokoff can steal the treasure for the Tsar. Little does the ape-man know, his true love, Jane Porter, is also heading for Africa. If Rokoff finds out she’s there, he won’t hesitate to take her hostage. But Jane is no wilting wall-flower!

32 pages, $3.99.

Lord of the Jungle Volume 1 TP

Story By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Robert Castro

Cover By: Alex Ross

Description: The original Lord of the Jungle returns! If you thought you knew the story, think again! Forthe first time in its 100-year history the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story, Tarzan of The Apes, is told — uncensored! This series captures the savagery and action of the original while expanding on it with new elements! The story begins in the late 1800s, as John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke, and his wife, the Lady Alice, are left stranded on a remote African coast. They must fend for themselves in this savage world, and the fact that Lady Alice is pregnant doesn’t make things any easier! Collecting the first eight issues, along with a complete cover gallery, the violent saga of Greystoke begins here, written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Roberto Castro, and featuring covers by Alex Ross, Lucio Parillo, Ryan Sook, and Paul Renaud.

160 pages, $19.99.

Witchblade: Demon Reborn #3

Story By: Ande Parks

Art By: Jose Luis

Covers By: Dennis Calero and Jae Lee

Description: The Demon has been given a leave from hell. He’s been using his limited time on earth to create a bloody trap for Sara Pezzini. Now, as the Demon’s time runs out, the trap is sprung. Victims of the Witchblade’s justice, long since vanquished to hell, return, intent on destroying Sara and dragging her soul back to the pits with them. Sara and the Witchblade must fight for themselves, and for a purely innocent soul: Sara’s young daughter, Hope.

32 pages, $3.99.

Dark Shadows #11

Story By: Mike Raicht

Art By: Guiu Vilanova

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: As if things couldn’t get any worse, satanic forces are closing in on Collinswood. This time, however, they are not hunting for Barnabas Collins. Who are they coming for and what do they want with the Collins’ bloodline? Only Barnabas’ darkest abilities and urges may give him the strength to save his family. But have those gifts left him as well? Is Barnabas truly not evil enough to prevail?

32 pages, $3.99.

Flash Gordon – Zeitgeist #10

Story By: Eric Trautmann

Art By: Daniel Indro

Cover By: Alex Ross

Description: In the wake of Flash Gordon’s victory, the court of Mongo pauses for a time of celebration. But Ming the Merciless has one last sinister scheme to launch, one that may spell death for Earth’s valiant defenders.

32 pages, $3.99.

Red Sonja #72

Story By: Eric Trautmann

Art By: Edgar Salazar

Cover By: Walter Geovani

Description: There are old scores to settle, and new threats on the horizon as the She-Devil with a Sword carves a bloody swath across the Hyborian kingdoms. This time, Red Sonja’s travels have brought her full circle, back to her native Hyrkania, where an ancient feud once again blazes to life.

32 pages, $3.99.

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #2

Story By: Luke Lieberman

Art By: Max Dunbar

Cover By: Lucio Parrillo

Description: King Kazeel wants to rule the world. But Thulsa Doom has other plans. The dreaming god is awoken. As Red Sonja desperately tried to pull the warring factions of humanity together, she’s doesn’t realize that she is already too late.

32 pages, $3.99.

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #29

Story By: Robert Jordan and Chuck Dixon

Art By: Francis Nuguit

Cover By: Adam Moore

Description: The Emond’s Fielders are finally reunited in the latest chapter of Robert Jordan’s Eye of the World, coming together at the Queen’s Blessing in Caemlyn. But evil is closing in fast, and has already struck out at one of the travelers.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Lone Ranger Vol 2 #9

Story By: Ande Parks

Art By: Esteve Polls

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: The tragic arc that will forever redefine Tonto’s origins rolls on in Native Ground, Part Three of Six. As Tonto lies near death in 1870, the story of how he came to be a rogue brave unfolds. In the past, all that Tonto loved has been destroyed, leaving him shattered… empty, but for a single purpose: Revenge. Tonto rides as a warrior, drenched in blood, and with nothing left to lose.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron #3

Story By: Chuck Dixon

Art By: Esteve Polls

Cover By: Dennis Calero

Description: Tonto stands between a stranded trainload of innocents and a Kiowa war party bent on massacre. The Masked Man leads a cavalry unit through a blizzard to bring peace to the Nations with the help of the legendary Spirit Horse. Scout is alone in a hostile land!

32 pages, $3.99.

Voltron #9

Story By: Brandon Thomas

Art By: N. Steven Harris

Cover By: Sean Chen

Description: The planet formally known as Doom and the Earth now share a common enemy — one capable of defeating Voltron in open combat and knocking down any planet that gets in its way. Commander Keith knows exactly who’s behind it all, and he’s got his prime suspect locked in a small windowless room for the next two hours. If he doesn’t crack him, then the guy goes free and everything falls down. So Keith must decide exactly how far he’s willing to go to find the truth, and he’s got to decide quick. Because their new enemy is closing in on its next target, and even though Arus has endured much in the past, surviving “Ten Lions” might not be in its future…

32 pages, $3.99.

Voltron: Year One #6

Story By: Brandon Thomas

Art By: Craig Cermak

Cover By: Admira Wijaya

Description: Commander Sven had his chance…all he had to do was hesitate for just the briefest second, and let the man that’s been trying to ruin him get exactly what he deserved. But instead he does the right thing, and all it costs him is his reputation and his command. #686 has officially become a serious problem for the powers that be, and the solution is one that’ll change the course of the entire universe. “Fearless Leader” ends, and the only question remaining is…did they send them because they thought they would succeed? Or because they knew they would fail? Final issue!

32 pages, $3.99.

Army of Darkness Vol 3 #8

Story By: Elliott R. Serrano

Art By: Dietrich Smith

Cover By: Daniel Leister

Description: After facing dark forces in 1970’s Tokyo Japan, Ashley J. Williams finds himself trying to find a way back home and to his own time. But what happens when he gets back to his hometown and encounters himself as… a pre-teen? Hijinks ensue when the evil of the Necronomicon tries to eliminate the Chosen One before he’s even old enough to get a driver’s license. It’s an untold tale from the past of everyone’s favorite chainsaw-wielding, deadite-busting hero!

32 pages, $3.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum