Wolverine Gets to Live Another Month as Marvel Pushes Titles Back

Congrats, Wolvie, your hairy behind gets to live a few more weeks.  That’s ‘cause Marvel has pushed back the release of the 3rd and 4th issues of the Death of Wolverine mini series.  Originally, the limited series was planned to be released an issue every week in September  The first and second issues dropped as planned, but the third issue is not going to be released until October 1st, two weeks late, and the forth issue will be released on October 15th, a month later than planned.  I have no clue why the series has stalled, probably some drama over making its fancy schmancy holo foil covers.

Have you seen this variant cover?  How funny is this?  Oh, did I offend Canada?  Say Something!  Yeah, that's right.  Go eat your slimey french fries.  Stinkin', Canada.

How lame is this variant cover? Oh, did I offend Canada? Go eat your slimey french fries. you Stinkin’ Canada.

Of course, because Wolverine appears in 500 comics each month, his death was going to impact numerous titles.  This means other comic releases have to be pushed back, too.  Issue 1 of Death of Wolverine: Logan’s Legacy will drop on October 15th, issue 2 on the 22nd, and issue 3 on the 29th.  The Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America special will also be released on the 29th.  Nightcrawler #7, which will be related to Wolvie’s death, is still planned for release on Octover 8th  Hmmm,  could that that have some hints to how Wolvie finally becomes so deadilicious?

I have wanted Wolverine dead ever since he turned his back on his own people and started kissing the Avenger’s @$$es (that means ASSES in censored form).  Plus, the moment he started trying to mack it with Storm after she left T’Challa he became a marked man.   I have a feeling Wolvie will be one of those dudes I like much better dead than alive.  I hope he dies from mutated herpies.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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