Legend of Zelda Timeline Officially Revealed

The decades of confusion are finally over! No longer will we sit in our basements and ponder the same, life-long question that has plagued our gamer minds for so long…“Wait…If the NES Zelda isn’t the original, then how do all of these games fit together?”

In their special edition 25th anniversary artbook, Nintendo has fully catalogued every Legend of Zeld game, ignoring those atrocious Cd-i installments, and properly placed them in chronological order.

Just click the image-link below for a detailed time map:

Admittedly, it’s a bit confusing, but at least we finally know how the games fit together. Who knew Ocarina of Time would splinter into three different universes? I expected two…but three? That’s just poor continuity planning on Nintendo’s part.

So what’d you guys think? Did you guess the Zelda Timeline right all along?