Will BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Feature Superman & Other Heroes?

Batman: Arkham Knight, the upcoming action-adventure game from Rocksteady Studios is rumored to introduce other DC comic book characters such as Superman to the Arkhamverse. We already know that Arkham Knight will be the last game in the popular series and that Rocksteady is going all out to make this game bigger and better than its predecessors in every way. One definite way to do that is by bringing in more characters.

imdb-batman:arkham knight-jpg

The reason for this supposed rumor comes from a leaked IMDB voice cast that showed an updated list featuring new and upcoming games. A screenshot of the leak was captured by Gamerspective. The leak revealed that Superman is included and will be voiced by TV actor, George Newbern, who has played The Man of Steel in Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Injustice: Gods Among Us alongside Kevin Conroy’s Batman. If the rumors are true, I’m glad Rocksteady is sticking to their pattern of using characters that fans are already familiar with in those roles. Though I don’t expect Superman to be a major presence in the game, I do at least expect him to make a cameo to check on Bruce regarding The Joker’s death and/or the situation going on in Gotham City during the game.


Could Green Arrow appear in Arkham Knight as well?

Superman won’t be the only new voice in the game as the picture also shows Scott Menville, who plays Robin on Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! will be in the game as a different Robin-Bruce Wayne’s son Damian! Given that Arkham Knight starts a year after Batman: Arkham City, it’s more than possible to have a Son of Batman story happen in between the time gap.

Though not shown in the photo, Arrow actor Stephen Amell was quoted during a recent Q&A session saying “I’m voicing Green Arrow for a popular video game franchise,” when asked about his upcoming projects. The only franchise now being made is the Batman Arkham series and Rocksteady has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor. This wouldn’t surprise me either, since crates from Queen Industries were seen all over in Batman: Arkham Origins, as well as travel billboards for Metropolis and plenty of other Easter Eggs connecting the Justice League and DC Universe to the game. We’ll have further news regarding this as it comes.

Batman Arkham Knight will be released in 2015 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.