What We’re Playing: Ultimate Spiderman

Do you ever browse Amazon and happen to come across an old childhood game that you loved? And then you feel the need to buy said game to get in touch with your old gaming self? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I saw this game on Amazon and I couldn’t resist, it was and is my favorite Spiderman game.

Remember when Spiderman games had actual crimes to stop? me too. Oh and remember when Spiderman games had actual enemies to fight besides robots? Barely. This game is 8 years old and it’s so refreshing to play compared to the more modern Spiderman games. In the newer games physics don’t matter (we’re okay with the wall crawling) because you don’t need actual buildings to swing on to, you can swing everywhere without any sense of realism. Yes this is a game about a man who crawls walls and shoots webs, but come on Beenox don’t give us stupid things.

Okay, so I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but let’s talk about the gameplay and how the game works. Firstly it’s set 3 months after the venom incident in the brilliant comic book Ultimate Spiderman , and yes it’s the only game I know of where you have to be Venom. I said that like it’s a bad thing, don’t worry, it’s not, it’s a thrilling and daring tactic to put into a game and it does pull off. It’s fun that as well as saving people during the day, you can terrorize, and literally eat people alive. Playing as Spiderman is really fun too, most missions involve chasing an enemy through the city so it’s important that the movement is a good flowing mechanic, and yes it is. Even in queens you can swing by at 100mph and scare an onlooking Aunt May, who may or may not have a heart attack.

All in all Ultimate Spiderman is a great game, it looks brilliant due to the crisp cel-shading technology and it maintains a great comic book look. The game isn’t too long, but there’s a little treat at the end. Now excuse me while I stop shocker from robbing a bank.


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