What We Want in Star Wars Battlefront 3

What do we want? Star Wars Battlefront 3!  When do we want it? Now!

Seriously, when the hell are we going to finally see the release of BF3 (and I’m not talking about Battlefield). Now that George Lucas has decided to step down from making Hollywood blockbusters, hopefully that’s mirrored in his work at LucasArts. But who honestly knows? We may never know when Battlefront 3 will debut, but until then, we’ve decided to make a list of the must haves for the next entry in the series

Customizable Classes

You could already do this in some of the handheld installments of the series, but it’s never been available on the console versions. Considering the recent shifts towards this type of gameplay by every other shooter in the industry, I think it’s safe to say that this would be a good addition

Longer Campaign

Battlefront Campaigns are notoriously short. I know the main focus fo the games is multiplayer, but I’m a sucker for a good single player storyline. And who doesn’t like kicking ass in the 501st?

Galactic Conquest: Real Time Battles

Galactic Conquest was easily the best feature of Star Wars Battlefront 2. It took the otherwise disjointed planetary combat and transformed them into hours long, epic wars between my groups of friends. But I always thought the battles could have been better implemented. Considering that most people will play Galactic Conquest online, on separate consoles, I would suggest Real Time Battles. Instead of taking turns, as in the previous Battlefront, the entire map of the galaxy would be part of real time gameplay. You could either focus on building entire fleets for sweeping space battles or have a more narrow attack plan, focusing on the usual ground campaigns.  You’re opponent could chose to confront you directly, send over an AI controlled armada, or focus on his own planetary conquests.  Just think of the possibilities…While you’re running from planet to planet, capturing positions, you can use your leveled up Generals to protect your borders from your enemies.  This would, by far, add the most depth to the game.

Better Battles from the Movies

The past few games have been pretty good about adapting classic battles from the movies, but they can still be better. I want to see a seamless transition from all the major fights from the films. And I also think they should add some more linear elements to the story telling. If you want to play in an ‘anything goes’ mode, then just set up an instant action against the computer or go online. But for the story-line, there should be some linear plot points that pull the player through certain maps and terrain.


What do you guys think? Great ideas? Too specific? Or am I just being ridiculous? Sound off in the comments below

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  • Jordan neal

    yeah that would all be awesome to have in BF3!!!

    • Steve Lemlek

      If only, right? Haha, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • brandon northey

    awesome ideas! i also think it would be ideal to have characters and maps from the clone wars series such as captain rex!!!

  • John

    I WANT BESPIN!!!! it was the best map in the first game, I also want kashyyk docks.

  • Jordan

    Awesome idea especially with the galactic conquest! That would easily place the game above battlefield and COD! I have found additional proof of the new game by spark and lucas! i will email you

    • Steve Lemlek

      Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll throw it up!