WEIRD GAME WEDNESDAY: Extreme Forklifting (Google Play)

Welcome back to Weird Game Wednesday, where some of the writers here at UTF share some digital love with readers.

This week we’ll be taking a look at a very unusual game, Extreme Forklifting. As the name implies this game is a straight up forklifting simulator. Now what I noticed from the very beginning was, unlike other simulators that I download to take the piss out of, this game is actually well developed. A little bit anyway.

When you get down to it, Extreme Forklifting is just ‘a picking things up and then putting them back down’ simulator at heart, so there’s not an awful lot of dynamic systems at work. But is this seemingly boring game good? The weird games we showcase every week don’t necessarily have to be good fun, but this game actually is. It’s weird that such a seemingly boring and tiring concept could actually be entertaining, I can’t really explain how, but it just is.

Converse, every forklift driver’s best friend.

I’m trying to not make this into a type of review, so lets talk about the funny and weird crap you came here for. Firstly, the in-game physics are hysterically bad. Once you start carrying something on your forklift, and if you even barely turn, 90% of the time you’ll fall sideways and be restarted. Sometimes it’s funny, other times it gets on my nerves. And the turning, the turning and handling are just awful, especially in reverse. But what makes it worse is the fact that the steering is inverted when you’re reversing, it’s goddamn awful and I looked to try and change them and guess what? Surprise, Surprise. There’s no way of changing the crappy controls.

The funny thing about Extreme Forklifting is that they actually tried to break away from the normal “missions” of the singleplayer mode. There’s a sandbox mode with a tiny map.(I don’t think that’s how sandboxes work, by the way). This is where you can pick up cars. In these simulator games physics never seem to matter, but this is as far as it goes!!! They’re crossing a line here and i’m not happy. It starts with cars, then it’ll be fire engines, then buses and eventually… buildings.

That would actually be a good movie: The Killer Forklifts

No man should ever have this kind of power.

Luckily this game is free, so once you download it and want to get rid of it you won’t have wasted your hard-earned Dollars, Euro’s, Pounds or Peso’s.

This clearly isn’t the best game out there on the smartphone market but it is one of the best free ones, not to mention weird as hell. Go on, download it an fulfill that life-long urge to drive a forklift.

Also, apologies for no article last week. I tried watching Indiana Jones and then my computer crashed. *sigh* another one for the scrapyard.


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