WATCH DOGS Finally Gets a Release Date in New Trailer

After Ubisoft’s heavily anticipated Watch Dogs received a last-minute delay just before its November launch last year, a release date has evaded us – but finally, Ubisoft have confirmed the date for the hacking open world extravaganza in a brand new trailer for the story mode.

The trailer features angry, gruff Aiden Pearce on a search for vengeance after a family member is killed by a nasty organization that pretty much owns Chicago, and a variety of the hacking activities (or should that be hacktivities…? I’ll get my coat) that players can get up to in Chicago. On a police chase? Shove some bollards up and wheel through laughing while the police smash head-on into them. You can see the trailer, with release date, below:

So, it’s confirmed – Watch Dogs will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC (poor ol’Wii U will be getting a port later) on May 27, nicely filling that gap between the spring and autumn releases. And what an autumn it’s going to be…

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  • Michael Moore

    I’m saying that this’ll be my game of the year