Top 5 Worst Ways to Die in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

By now, you probably know that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the best-selling video game of all-time, with millions upon millions of copies being sold. And if you own MW3, then chances are you’ll have played the online multiplayer. After all, with over a dozen modes, incentives to get better a better weapons rank and Prestige, and new maps being released regularly, it’s hard to get bored of. But for every easy-to-kill and/or accepting of you mercilessly gunning them down player, there’s a brilliant, practically invincible player, who know dozens of ways to kill you quickly, slowly, or frustratingly. In this article, I’ll count down the five worst ways to die on MW3 multiplayer, and the worst way to die on campaign or Survival Mode:

Number 5: Knife Fail

At number five, it’s my arch-nemesis (Well, not my arch-nemesis, but anyway), the knife fail. You see a player with his back facing you, and go in for the knife kill. Unfortunately, you miss and the guy gets you in a second with his knife.. It happens all the time. There’s also the alternate version of ‘Knife Fail’: the combat Knife Fail. Instead of going in for a stealthy kill, you see an enemy close to you and facing you, and you sprint towards him. Again, you (by the way, by ‘you’, I’m referring to me) miss with your knife and the player turns you into spaghetti bolognaise with his gun. It makes you look like a moron, and it results in you missing out on yet another kill.

Number 4: Super Sniper

This kill is always done by the invincible players I mentioned above, and it has happened to quite a lot of people. You’re happily roaming across the map, getting a few kills here and there, and then suddenly, WHAM! A bullet hits you, and you’re dead, and slightly confused. A quick look at the killcam reveals that you were killed by an expert player (usually with a huge kills/deaths ratio that makes me feel more incompetent than I already am) with a sniper rifle, shooting from halfway across the map. It’s a pain, it’s common, and it’s unavoidable, which is why this pest of a kill clocks in at number four.

Number 3: The Unfortunate Respawn

Coming in at number three is a kill that seems to be Modern Warfare 3‘s way of mightily pissing you off and keeping you on your toes at the same time. There’s no checking the leaderboard or nipping off to grab a drink when you never know where you’re going to respawn. This kill is mainly a problem on ‘Dome’ – a small map where everyone in the party seems to be in the same small area of the already tiny map. And MW3 has a nasty habit of respawning you in that place, where you tend to be promptly shot seconds after you respawn. The worst instance of this is where I was killed and respawned, only to be shot half a second after. It’s particularly annoying when it’s the same person who kills you before and after. It usually is, sadly.

Number 2: You’ve Been Booby Trapped!

Just missing out on number one is a kill that not only is really frustrating – it also tells you that you’re screwed beforehand. It’s none other than the booby trap kill. As with number four, you’re casually roaming around the map, picking up a kill or two, when you hear that sound. The high-pitched sound that tells you that you just triggered an explosive. You try and sprint away, but seconds later, you’re sent flying and killed by the explosion that you triggered. Booby traps (the IMF, the bouncing betty and the claymore) are almost impossible to avoid, and out of about thirty booby traps I’ve stepped on, I’ve avoided just one, and I had to leap off a building and sprint away to do that. I got killed straight after, which just goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with booby traps. Or they’ll mess with you. (It was a coincedence really, that just sounded cool.)

Number 1: ‘Did you really think it would be that easy?’

I have a lot of pet hates on MW3, enough to write a book (albeit a rather thin book). But this kill tops all those pet hates by far. It’s a kill that’s never been mentioned on this sort of list before, but my frequent experiences of this kill has driven me nuts several times. Topping the list (or should that be bottom-ing?), it’s the ‘Did you really think it would be that easy?’ kill (I came up with the name. I’m waiting for a better one to come to me). You’ve evaded gunshots, grenades, and knife attempts, and you’re going to the sound of gunfire to get another kill when you’re shot. You sprint away, sure you’ll heal and have escaped. But five-to-ten seconds later, another round of gunfire hits you and you’re dead, just as you were about to heal. It’s frustrating as hell, and it happens (to me at least) almost every game. And to make things more annoying, it’s usually the same guy who shoots you both times.

And now for the worst way to die on campaign and Special Ops:

The Almost Legendary Gunwhack

The Gunwhack, or The Almost Legendary Gunwhack to give it its ‘proper’ name, is specific to campaign and Special Ops, since it’s impossible to do on multiplayer (if it was possible, it would have topped the multiplayer list easily). You’re battling against the hordes of enemies, and you’re just about holding them back, mowing them down with your gun, and if they get close, with your knife. But there’s always one faceless bloke who slips through the net, and evades your knife. He then whacks you with his gun. and you’re instantly dead. Not only is it really, really unrealistic to be killed in one with a gunwhack but not to be killed when your limbs are all shot off, it’s also very, very annoying, and ends your game instantly. And the slightly deranged roar from the killer doesn’t help, either.

So there you go. This list is purely based on my opinion and experiences, but if you want to share your frustrating deaths (that sounded… odd), then please do sound off in the comments below.