Top 5 Locations For ASSASSIN’S CREED 4

Assassin’s Creed 3 has been a big success, not only because it finally continues the franchise past the Ezio era but also because it has the refreshing setting of the Colonies during the American revolution. Gamers are crying out for these interesting choices in setting or time period to mix things up from the standard gritty modern shooter or the future, post apocalyptic world that has been beset upon by brown and grey paint blob monsters. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is in a perfect position to explore these possibilities, already bringing us games from the Crusades, Borgia Italy, Constantinople and the birth of America. With the rest of the world open to them, where would you like to see them go next? Here’s 5 places we would love to see:

5) Egypt

Okay, for this list I’ll be ignoring the fact that they’re moving forward in time to eventually reach Desmond because the Ubisoft folk can whip up some mumbojumbo to take us back to these amazing places. The main draw of Egypt as a locale is simple; it would be visually breathtaking. In the last year we’ve seen sand mechanics in games improve vastly, with Journey, Uncharted 3 and Spec Ops: The Line all utilizing them effectively.

Sure Creative Director of AC3, Alex Hutchinson, has said Egypt would be a bore to play, likely due to the drawn out distances between iconic landmarks. With sandstorms providing cover, intense camel-back action and the glorious moment when you try to ‘eagle leap’ off the top of a Pyramid only to remember it’s sloping sides will leave you with a very sore face in the morning, surely it’s worth it?

Just imagine Drake in a hooded robe and… Sorted!

4) Revolutionary France

Having just covered the American Revolution, perhaps this would be treading on certain thematic toes from it’s predecessor but it seems like a natural step. There are some fantastic moments, the assault of the Bastille, the march to Versaille, the rise and eventual (hopefully player aided) death of Robespierre, responsible for roughly 16000 – 40000 deaths in his time.

The women’s march of Versaille could perhaps give good reason forย  Aveline, the half French, half African assassin from Assassin’s Creed Liberation on the Playstation Vita to return as a main protagonist. The events in game could even extend as far as the Napoleonic Wars, if Ubi were wanting more grand historic figures.

Aveline may get her chance to be up on the big screen.

3) Modern Day – Desmond

Obviously this is the direction we’re heading in, but as someone who almost wishes the franchise was simply about taking your place as an assassin in the seminal historic moments without all of the Matrix style hullabaloo I’m not too keen on the idea. However, it could be interesting; taking the AC formula and applying it to present day locations and taking a more urban, Mirror’s Edge style approach.

I wont lie, after finally seeing the Adam and Eve video you can unlock in AC2, I was excited to see where it was going. However, I’m still not the biggest fan of Nolan No- I mean Desmond (Nolan North I love you) and the thought of playing a whole game as Blandy McBlandster makes me sad. The biggest appeal of these games is exploring these fantastic places, not just jumping off skyscrapers in Manhattan. Just pointing out, there is a significant lack of haystacks in Manhattan… Luckily it seems Ubisoft will milk the franchise as long as possible before reaching this climax.

Desmond prepares to take up the Assassin’s mantle. Unfortunately.

2) India

It was a toss up for this spot between Japan, China and India, I feel all would have both a beautiful aesthetic and a superb atmosphere. However I feel India is the most likely one we will see. Very few games explore this rich mine of fascinating subjects, and few games are as well poised as the AC games to pull it off. Writer of Assassin’s Creed 3, Corey May, has said he really wants to look at India, and would love to tackle the Raj in an upcoming game. All power to him, I would happily play that game.

Credit: Jael Kolken at

1) Victorian England

Perhaps it’s my bias for good old Blighty but this fan favorite location is clamored after for a reason. Running over roofs, hunting down targets in the fog smothered streets of Victorian era London fits so well into the Assassin’s Creed universe that if Ubisoft don’t do it, someone must! I’ll admit, Dishonored comes close to hitting the ideal (Check out our review here!) and would be a good basis to work of. The industrialization era gives a perfect setting both for some Templary goodness as well as the Indian mutiny, usefully setting up the previous choice as a valid location for a sequel.

Even better, the Victorian urban myth of Spring-heeled Jack, known for his “startling jumps”, that supposedly terrorized London at the time would either make for a fantastic Assassin, or at least the protagonist could be responsible for the myth. Another interesting figure who could crop up would be Jack the Ripper. It would be a slightly creepier game in tone, but would be incredible if pulled off right.

Darkness and Gloom are an assassin’s best friends. Britain is perfect!

There we have it, there are loads of other locations or time periods that would be great to explore but who knows what Ubi will do? We’ll probably have 2 more games set in the USA before we see a new location anyhow but by the time the next generation rolls around, lets hope Ubisoft have got something to blow us out of the water.

  • romneydos

    India is definitely a great idea but i dont think colonial time would make it great….surely downfall of mughal emperor during 15th century will make it awesome…

  • Richard Silvia

    Victorian england sounds cool, id like to see a darker and grittier assassins story and the fact that a vast majority of the population during the american revolution came from england ties in good with AC3. Spring heeled jack would be a great idea for the protagonist too and id like too see contact with jack the ripper. Great suggestion…

  • optera

    I think nazi germany and the 2nd world war would be a great setting especialy if you consider all the secret acult and sud Christian beliefs and ties that were elleged to be had by Hitler and his SS. besides that I think it would be cool to maybe actualy meet hitler in the game or other famous men from the time. and run around war torn parts of poland or france and germany. Sticking with your more silent weapons like knives and things (instead of full out automatic weapons) I think the added pressure of your enemies having weapons far better than yours and relying more on stealth and story would add tention. and of course the assassin could have a gun or so to get out of a tight spot but they would be seen by the assassins in sorta the same way Obi one from Star Wars viewed lazer guns, as “so uncivilized”. I think this era has a great deal of potential to it and even an ability to thicken the lore of the assassins creeds fanchise to a new level…. any way just my thaughts

    • Davi Lancett

      WW2 was going to be on the list because I think they could do something really interesting with the Templars and the Nazis. However, games with Hitler and the Swastika have great difficulty being released in Germany so I think they’d try and steer clear ๐Ÿ™

      Not sure how the amount of guns would work either but you’re right, it could be great!

  • Quco

    too bad that the ending of AC3 kinda put a stopper on desmond playing the leading role. which i’ve been longing for. india sounds like an awesome idea though.

  • Tenacious B

    As a natural progression, WWI and WWII would be pretty amazing.

  • Octogon

    I think they should go all the way back to the First Civilization. I remember Shaun saying something about that in AC 3 so it would make sense.

  • retangle

    noooo Japan..with ninjas…they need ninjas

    • retangle

      in addtion they should have it take place during the meiji restoration..when samurai were dying out

      • Davi Lancett

        Agreed it would most likely be amazing, I picked India though as there are games like Tenchu that deal with similar settings and I couldn’t think of a game set in India.

  • Woadude

    How bout merging assassians creed with splinter cell. Find out that this whole time Sam is an assassian and the third echelon is Templar. Huh huh??

  • Dman

    if they choose Germany in ww2 (which they should) they should make its so that the assassin is german as well he could be trying to free germany from the nazis and help the allies. this way, germany would even allow this game to be sold in their country since they take pride in the germans that tried to take down hitler.

  • TemplarExtortionist

    i would love to see eygpt i think they can be able to link to the first civiiztin, the next game most definatly be somewhere in works of finng lets say ibling of desmon? orfaily member still alive able too relive not altair ezio, or connnors memorys but Desons … bu then again id hate to see a modern day assassins creed game but eygpt hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • romneydos

    India have a wide variety of history….very wide……starting from Indus valley civilization to independence(1947)……there is a wide option 4 dat….the point is the world doesnt know about the country….it is not like what it is……even it can get connected with first civ as well.

    • tracer

      ya its correct because india had much warriors like the marathas,mughals,mongolian etc it will be a better success for ubi to select this country

  • Todd

    Why not China? Three Kingdoms era?

  • Callum

    Obviously after 3 Juno is setting out to conquer the world, and with Cross gone it just leaves her to deal with. So possibly, another trip into the animus? Shaun, Rebecca and Desmond’s dad come back and rescue him, and have a new character (similar to Juno, Minerva and Jupiter) come to Desmond in a dream saying there is a way to stop Juno.. And Bada Bing Bada Boom, Trip into the Animus say back the Juno’s Era, to find out how they trapped her where she was in the first place??

    • romneydos

      Desmond is dead..its confirmed….so der should introduce a new character…

      • romneydos


        • Rodrigo Veimrober

          Desmond can back to life with minerva’s help and finish juno

      • Callum

        Yeah they did confirm he’s dead.. But you never know what the animus can do now can you. Or as i said, someone similar to Juno and the other 2 come to Desmond whilst not quite dead. In a coma. And then this new being revives Desmond. Because surely there’s some sort of twist to it. The Chosen One simply doesn’t die.

  • David Goichman

    I think that since Desmond is dead and the story has no where to progress. I also think that a games Based on the story of Daniel Cross would be very cool, but it’s not likey to happen since Cross is dead and it would take the entire series backwards… P.S. I wanna go to russia in Assassins Creed !

  • arashikage

    they dont want japan, china…..they want something original. HOW about KOREA??!!! come on give the koreans the spotlight. its original too

  • Stan

    What about the Civilization from Before? A futuristic setting in the past seems freaking awesome. The assassin could be Adam(according to AC he was the first assassin).

  • Randy

    Moscow, Russia at the end of the Czar’s reign and the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution…

    • Hajimashta

      indeed we tried arab ..american ..italian assassin we need russian assassin !

  • Bintang Rizcky

    may be in england, and i have an idea that not just the assasins will act this time, the new modern assasins should act now, he will explore animus, stop juno, and destroy modern templar, the modern assasin should be an army, an he will have some teammates, he will be armed with some modern weapon to destroy templar, and exploring animus to stop juno.

  • Alexandre Silva

    Russian Revolution (1917) Would be Awsome

  • Paulie72

    I’m so glad someone else picked up on ‘Spring-Heeled Jack’!! It was the first thing I thought of playing as Haytham. Damn shame this game went to the US. It just isn’t an assassin game. Personally I’d be taking it back to the Crusades where it should have stayed. It was relevant in that time period and gave the original a grit the later games have lost. AC:USA tried too hard to be a revolution game and did not convince me I was still an assassin fighting templars. Plus too many hypocricies: an Indian promoting colonial settlement, alchohol and gambling? The very things that destroyed their culture? Please!!

  • Sean Feehan

    Why not do World War I or World War 2? Then an Assassin’s creed 5 maybe in Vietnam?

  • Ramos

    Id love to see the game take place in the trojan war… sure thats a fictional event but i’m sure ubisoft can whip up something to make it true.. and how bad ass would it be to play as Achiles?

  • Ramos

    I’d love to see the next game take place during the Trojan War… sure thats a fictional event but Ubisoft could spin it to make it real… plus, how badass would it be to play as achilles?

  • Mawk

    I kinda want the next Assassin’s Creed game to take place in Ancient Greece

  • sssgodss

    i think we should take the game to rome.. start off as a helpless slave during the roman wars, and have your guy rise up to being a killer soldier on the battle field that does not fight for a king or something like that, make it so you can use the assassins stealth elements but use epic compos like you can in ac3 this game could be huge, if done right imagine being a assassin but hiding as a roman soldier i think it would be fun, and different

  • Geshan Jules

    The next one is gonna be in africa or china it involves the slave trade as pointed out by connor’s actions when he look towards the slaves being sold , this is my opinion

    • Geshan Jules

      If you want to know when this takes places its towards the end of the game after the americans blow up the british ship

  • Steven Hsu

    China would be great ,maybe the end of qing dynasty…..even revolutionary China , but that can get ugly with the politics…..but Victorian England is a sick idea…with a game like to is there is sooooooo much option, ac3 was good but I agree with many it didn’t feel like an assassin game more like mauling enemy with tomahawk… another interesting idea is that they can set the game in the future, a complete dystopia with Juno being in control, and this give them a wider range of location, such as closer future like 2025 or something

  • Ayan

    India wil be awsome ..

  • Ayan

    India will be awsome ..

  • JustSaying;-)

    Feudal Japan really would be the perfect location. Its a shame its so freakin obvious. Ubisoft probably wont go for anything obvious.

    Beautiful scenery. Lots of political, cultural and religious strife. Dense cities and forests. And of course…Samurais, Europeans trying to wiggle their way in, Christianity and these assassins called Ninjas. Did I mention Japan had ninjas who just so happened to be assassins?

    The AC story line is great and all but, the things that really got me hooked to the AC series was definitely the fighting systems and running on roof tops. Everything else in the series feels cumbersome and clumsy. The elements of Feudal Japan would really compliment these aspects that got me hooked in the first place.

  • Barney the dinosaur

    If there is, French Revolution or Southamerican independences

  • Raj

    I thInk Ubisoft should look forward for India. Bcoz we have
    A great revolutionary history and AC can easily be fit somewhere
    With us…a request to Sir May, plz do think about it, Indian gamers would be
    Pleases to show interests…

  • Hajimashta

    desmond is dead indeed but his soul is in the animus …and we need a period after the american revolution …british industrial era will be perfect …but you know junon is the new threat to humanity so the next AC4 should be in THE PRESENT !

  • Hajimashta

    Altair the arab ….Edzio the italian ..connor the native american we need ..somthing ..japanese ? samurai assassin xD ? or russian assassin !!

  • Virat Prabhu

    India.plz set it in India..there hasn’t any game set in India..plz come man

  • Kean

    How about the Philippines?

  • Rushil Bhayani

    Well I should probably go for INDIA. as people would love to see BRITISH raj and some famous personalities that might add up like mangal pandey,Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,Bhagat singh and many of all. and All the rich heritage of India During 18th and 19th century it would be silly if u take back to mughal times as the games already reached to 17th century and 18th century start so going backwards i woudnt prefer. And ya as said many famous things occured from industrial revolution to jalianwala bagh to salt march and so many things.. SO UBISOFT here s your spot .. INDIA…..

  • El Apollon

    Greek revolution 1821 alot of Battles at land and sea that puts an end to Ottoman empire it fits well with revalation and America freemason evolution..cause after American freemason revolution comes the Greek freemason revolution

  • sterliling

    how about a the WW1 in germany ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ME

    Medieval Okinawa (Assassins who do Karate and have nunchuks, FREAKIN’ NUNCHUKS! against samurai.)

  • The dude guy

    Korea during the Japanese colonial age because there actually was real assassins during that time in korea the resistance group would make a good story and china , japan ,England, and France seems a little unoriginal korea would be original and a little used topic in western games ninjas are a bit overused in pop culture but korea is never used for some reason

  • The dude guy

    So korea would be awesome

  • The dude guy

    Egypt or India sounds cool too though

  • The dude guy
  • The dude guy

    We need korea in this

  • anonymous dude


  • Edward Kennway

    Nah Wild West Or French Revolution or even in the the time of the battles between greece and rome (bc)

  • hi

    I think Korea will be awesome… Since Korea has the most recorded war in history. it is known that Korean was invaded once in a year of average. Korea also have 5000 year of history. I think best is 1942, seoul. There are some historical people who fought against Japanese government and their cruel, animal like rule. There are some helping character possibility.

    another revolution, I as south korean, enjoyed some of great revolutions. Like Russian, french. There is a lot of story behind this, and it will be suitable.

    India, I think only time is when Gandhi comes in place, where they were suppressed by the british.

    and finally why not Desmond.

  • Zeo

    Victorian era would be good with Jack and Sherlock Holmes.