“The Amazing Spider-Man” Video Game New Details

Even though it’s pretty much settled that Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best superhero video game of all time, I still hold out hope that a spiritual successor to Spider-Man 2 will reclaim the title. Well, coinciding with next year’s theatrical release of The Amazing Spider-Man, Activision is developing a new game with their long time partner Beenox.

Today they’ve released some more details and a few screenshots, however sparingly. Although Beenox has only worked on the last two, linear iterations of Spidey’s console games (Edge of Time and Shattered Dimensions), they’ve decided to return to an open world tale. The last time we saw ol’ Webhead in a sandbox environment was 2008’s Web of Shadows which received notably mediocre reviews. After the novelty of swinging around Manhattan wears off, Spider-Man’s free roaming attractions usually loose their appeal. Hopefully they’ll find a way to introduce some life into their environments…without taking the tempting route of ripping off other, more Bat-friendly franchise.

More details will be revealed in the months to come, but in the mean time, check out the screenshots and concept art below.

And here’s the teaser trailer in case you haven’t seen it