Rocksteady Will Helm a Superman and Justice League Game

Rocksteady, the studio responsible for both Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, have recently announced that they’ll delve into the darker, collective DC universe in their next game. What exactly does that mean?

Brace yourselves… they’re developing a Justice League game set in the 1950’s. Yep. That’s in the fabled the Golden Age of comics (right on the precipice of the Silver Age).

Here’s what Variety was able to discover about the project…

“New, highly stylized title is being developed as a prequel that revolves around Batman’s first meeting with the Joker. It’s based on the Silver Age of DC’s comic books from the 1950s when the Caped Crusader teamed with other heroes like Superman and founded the Justice League of America.”

SOURCE: Variety

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