ROCK SIMULATOR Gets Funding Way Too Quickly

This is a news article, but prepare for a little bit of rant on the side. So Rock Simulator: that crappy game we talked about earlier in the week, wants your money now.  Its developers are asking that people help support its development, which I understand, but c’mon. This is a Rock Simulator. Goat Simulator was really bad, but this is terrible. They only want  $500, but earlier they accidentally asked for $5,000. I wonder – did people just realize that they shouldn’t pledge that much to a game of this nature, one that is deliberately bad, so they asked for less to reach the goal?



At the time of this writing Rock Simulator is 93% funded. What the hell? Why are people throwing money at this game? Why don’t you just flip a rock over in your back garden or at a beach instead? Why do you need this? Games like Rock Simulator have run their course and should be buried at this point.

And I understand that the game is meant to be free to play, but it’s that way for a reason. The game is a joke that was funny a long time ago. Back when the simulators were serious games but with seemingly boring concepts, they were good, and people had a laugh with them. But now it’s spreading, and frankly it’s gone way too fucking far. Just hope it doesn’t have DLC where you roll over a rock and crustaceans come out or something.