This morning, the official website for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U updated with a new character…Princess Toadstool, more well-known as Princess Peach, bringing some royal flair with her (yeah, Bowser is technically “King of the Koopas”, but he never had that “regal” feeling to him).

Some of you might notice that her design has been tweaked a bit. Not only has her dress been mildly re-designed, her eyes seem a bit bigger.

More importantly, while Peach has some returning attacks (Toad, anyone?), she also has some new moves. It appears she can now throw her crown. Also, she seems to have some kind of ribbon dancing tornado attack. The ribbon, of course, is pink.

Even Villager is scared!

A lot of people liked playing as Peach in Melee more than in Brawl, so I am sure that many of her fans are hoping that she plays like in the former.

Princess Peach is the fifth Mario character confirmed for the next Smash Bros. I can already hear the complaints about the lack of variety. But guys, before you whine, hear me out. The game is still early in development, so there will be more characters on the way. Also, in every single Smash game, the Mario world always has the most characters, so this will be nothing new.

So…excited about Peach? Or are you hoping for Zelda?

Source: IGN