PAC-MAN Chomps the Competition in SUPER SMASH BROS!

Last night, after Palutena had been confirmed, we got another treat: a second new character for Super Smash Bros, and a big guest star at that: Pac-Man! If there are any gamers who need an introduction to the ghost-eating hero, you should turn in your gamer badge.

Pac-Man, to everyone’s relief, will be in his classic design, not the recent version from Namco Bandai’s relaunch. Even better, Pac-Man’s Final Smash will have him turn into his giant ghost-eating form. The opponents better run fast!


Pac-Man also gets his own trailer, of course, which you can see here. It also features the Pac-Man stage on the 3DS. Interestingly, Mr. Game and Watch makes an appearance in the trailer, which seems to hint he’ll also be in Super Smash Bros. in some capacity.

Pac-Man is the 33rd confirmed character for Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. He is also the first character from Bandai Namco, who helped Nintendo make the game.

Super Smash Bros will be released for the 3DS on October 3rd in North America, and for the Wii U this Winter.

So, is the Yellow Chomper an even cooler guest star than Sonic and Mega Man?


Source: IGN