Nintendo Registers Domain Title ‘Super Mario 4’


Back in January, Nintendo had announced that they were working on a new two dimensional Mario game for the 3DS (and the popular opinion is that it’s Super Mario 4). It’s easy to see why they made the announcement so quick after Super Mario 3D Land was released, that game ranks as the best selling 3DS game currently. (Never mind the fact that it’s the fastest-selling Mario game in history.) Other than a vague April 2013 release date, nothing is known about SM 4.

Now, what’s interesting is that Nintendo has registered a domain for ‘’ Typing it up will actually direct you to Nintendo’s official site, so whatever this is, it’s straight from the House of Miyamoto. At the moment, nobody really knows what any of this means, but fan theories are abundant however.  A rather obvious guess would be that this is a direct sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. 3 (forgetting Super Mario World doesn’t exist for a moment), or it could be a Wii U title.  In any case, we won’t know for a while.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo has planned for Super Mario 4.