New Mass Effect 3 Ending Coming This Summer!!!

We finally did it boys!!! (And gals, for all of you FemSheps out there). After a long month of serious lobbying, Bioware has bent to our demands, and they’ve confirmed the release of an extended ending to Mass Effect 3 slated for release this summer. Of course, we’ll have to pay for it through their DLC service…   but at least we’ll get a satisfying conclusion! Oh, what’s this?  It’s free?  Well that makes it even better!

Check out this tweet announcing the news from our buddies at GameSpot

Phew!!! That’s a load of relief! But could you just imagine if this ending was worse than the original? How brutal would that be? But I’m getting ahead of myself… Bioware has thrown us a lifeline, so let’s just hope they don’t drown us in the process. (Too metaphorical?)

So… what do you guys think? Is this great news? Or is their no righting that heinous Mass Effect 3 ending?