New Legend of Zelda Toys!!!

When it comes to toys, Nintendo is seriously lacking. They’ve produced some interesting limited release action figures and some fun promotional figurines in the past, but nothing that’s rally latched onto consumers.

Just look at the wild success that Marvel has had with their toy lineup, and you can even go further, by looking at all the ridiculously successful Hasbro franchises that have been started without any pre-existing pop-culture history. If Transformers can rise from obscurity into the toy blockbuster behemoth it is today, so can Nintendo.

Well, in a bout of recent brilliance, the House of Mario has released an all new line of toys based on the Legend of Zelda series. I suppose it’s not so much a new line of toys, as it is a limited release of 6 figurines…which is the problem I’ve been ranting about for the past minute or two, but who cares! At this point I’m just happy to get some new Nintendo toys!!!

The new lineup will feature three different iterations of Link and Zelda: a pair each from Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker. The whole set will cost about $40, but that’s well worth it. Hopefully, this new round of action figures will be successful enough to warrant future installments…and Nintendo will finally get off their lazy butts and start a proper toy lineup! Or maybe not…but a fanboy can always dream.  Click here to buy.

What’d you guys think? You gonna buy these Legend of Zelda toys? Sound off below.